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The new cases diagnosed in Italy drop from 333 to 251, of which 157 in Lombardy alone, where, however, yesterday there were 216. The deaths also dropped from 66 to 47. The tampons at 57m share were stable. Sicily has recalculated regional cases by subtracting 397 from the total, while Abruzzo has crossed out 2 other cases.

There are only two, six less than yesterday, the new positive cases of Coronavirus registered in the Veneto in the last 24 hours, which bring the overall figure of the infected to 19,235 since the beginning of the epidemic. This was reported by the latest bulletin of the Region. There were also 4 other deaths (one in hospital, 3 in nursing homes) for 1,998 since February 21st. The number of ICU patients has dropped by one, now 11, of whom only one is still positive for Covid. The current positive drops to 582 (-25 compared to yesterday), but the subjects in isolation rise, which amount to 915.

Just as yesterday there are 9 new cases in Lazio, one of which refers to the outbreak of San Raffaele alla Pisana (Rome), where the number of related infections thus rises to 114 and 6 deaths. There are 6 new cases in the capital, one of which refers precisely to the Roman Irccs cluster.

Only one Covid-19 infection, two less than yesterday are registered today in Puglia, in the province of Foggia, on 2,246 swabs processed and no deaths. Basilicata is increasingly “Covid free”, where the number of people currently positive drops from eight to six, recording the eighth consecutive day without any new cases of coronavirus. Yesterday 323 swabs were analyzed, all negative.

In the meantime, INAIL takes stock of the epidemic in the workplace in Piedmont. From January 1 to May 31, 7,200 positively infected people at work, 15.3% of the total cases detected at national level (47,022). There are 17 fatalities, 8.2% of Covid’s deaths registered in Italy (208). More than half of the complaints (3,824 equal to 53.1% of Piedmont’s cases) and almost a third of the fatal cases (6) concern the province of Turin, followed by that of Alessandria which has 797 complaints (11.1%) and 6 fatal cases. The majority of cases are in the health and social care sector. Over 83% of the complaints coded by sector of economic activity (Ateco) concern hospitals, nursing homes and rest homes in the Health and social care sector (65.6%) and bodies responsible for health, such as ASL ( 17.7%). In the Commerce sector, present with 2.8% of complaints, the activities carried out in supermarkets and pharmacies are most affected. The category of health technicians (nurses, physiotherapists) is the one most affected by infections, with 37.7% of the total complaints, about 80% relating to nurses. Followed by qualified professions in health and social services (30.4% of total complaints), doctors (9.7%), social workers (5.8%) and unskilled personnel in health services, as auxiliaries , porters and stretcher bearers (4.0%). About 25% of the deaths concern healthcare workers: doctors, nurses, health workers.

In the meantime, the epidemic does not seem to lose momentum in the United States, which after scourging New York and other states of the East Cost is now hitting other areas of the country hard. The United States registered over 25,700 new coronavirus cases yesterday, according to statistics from Johns Hopkins University. And the incessant increase in coronavirus cases in the United States, CNN notes, increases the pressure on the authorities of the various States to take measures to contain the infections: and some have decided to make the use of masks mandatory. Among these is California, where Governor Gavin Newsom announced yesterday that citizens will have to wear masks in public places indoors. The same measure was announced by the governor of Oregon, Kate Brown, and will take effect on June 24 in seven state counties. North Carolina and Arizona could also impose the use of masks. These four states – in addition to Alabama, Florida, Nevada, Oklahoma, South Carolina and Texas – now have the most new daily cases (calculated on an average of seven days) since the start of the pandemic. According to experts, the next epicenter of the virus could be Florida, while Oklahoma – where the number of infections has increased by 110% compared to last week – is preparing to host President Donald Trump’s rally on Saturday in Tulsa.

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