Coronavirus, new budget deviation from 8-10 billion by the end of June. Castelli: “We need other resources”. Crimi: “M5s in favor”


A new deviation budget from at least 8-10 billion euros already by the end of June. The government is faced with the need to find new resources for the sectors most in difficulty for the coronavirus and is concretely evaluating the possibility of making a new deficit, which should get the go ahead Brusselsas long as it refers to 2020. Confirmations come from many quarters: “They serve immediately other resources – says the Deputy Minister of Economy Laura Castellli – before the maneuver, to conclude the emergency-related interventions “. Okay too Fabio Melilli, deputy Pd and one of the speakers at the dl Relaunch: “These days of listening to the categories made us understand the real needs. I think is appropriate that the government should reflect on a further budget shift ”. The political leader of the M5s is also in favor Vito Crimi: “I know the government is working in this direction: the 5 star Movement considers favorably an intervention of this magnitude “.

A new deviation had already been hypothesized by the premier Giuseppe Conte, to meet the requests of local authorities. On that occasion, the government had put further on the table 3-3.5 billion to be allocated to Common. The figure, however, is destined to rise, because new resources are also needed for some sectors most affected: by theautomotive to the tourism, up to school, which needs substantial funds to prepare for the safe reopening in September. The new variance should land in cabinet together with dl simplifications – reports theAdnkronos citing government sources – therefore around June 25, then move on to Parliament for the green light.

“We are going through a phase extremely delicate for our economy and we have need liquidity, now. Resources to be allocated primarily to schools, municipalities, SMEs “, he explained to theHandle the political leader M5s Vito Crimi. The new resources “will be used to finance, in addition to local authorities, tourism, handicraft, commerce and, of course, the school, so as to ensure the reboot of the school year, “said Deputy Minister Castelli. To make the new difference necessary is also the awareness that the money of the Recovery fund, will arrive with a first and small tranche only in autumn. The ‘battle’ of the premier Giuseppe Conte and the Minister of Economy Roberto Gualtieri in Brussels it has only just begun, while resources are needed immediately.

“The themes of sustainability debt is up to the government, but I think some targeted answers go beyond the availability of Parliament “, Melilli stressed. The sense is that i 55 billion already allocated for the relaunch dl may not be enough: “Up to now they have been given answers important, but from tourism to the automotive sector without forgetting the issue of work and local authorities, I think it is necessary to give further answers“, Explained Mellili, who says he is convinced of the importance of”boost consumption“.

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