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ROME. No plexiglass divider between pupils in class. The Minister of Education, Lucia Azzolina, says it: “I have seen surreal images of boys locked inside structures similar to cages”. She had said in an interview that, in case of need, the possibility of transparent plastic dividers would be evaluated. Now, he explains, in reality “nobody has ever thought of such things”.

Last day (for those who do not have exams) between the controversies
Today computers and tablets turned off, on the occasion of the last day of class of this very special school year, half of which without the sound of the bell, due to the Covid emergency. The major unions of the school, Cgil, Cisl, Uil, Snals and Gilda have called a general staff strike to claim – they explained – the right of students and teachers to return to school safely in September. Flash mobs, demonstrations, sit-ins, all strictly respecting the distance and with gloves and masks, were held from north to south Italy, also in front of the Ministry of Education where about 200 people gathered, including some student representatives.

The accusation that is made against the minister is that she did not put the school at the center of the government’s action, as well as showing closure to the dialogue and to any confrontation: with the exception of updating the rankings of the alternates, the unions criticize the lack of availability with respect to the request for a strengthening of the staff of prof and Ata; argue that the requests made by them to ensure strict compliance with the limit of 20 pupils per class nor the promotion of regulatory changes that relieve school managers from responsibility for the maintenance of buildings have not been accepted; they are also dissatisfied with the lack of provision for a competition reserved for administrative assistants acting as Directors of general administrative services; Finally, with the competition to be held only in the autumn for the stabilization of precarious workers, they see the hope of having teachers in the chair from 1 September disappear and fear the resumption of the school with 200 thousand substitute teachers in the chair. “There is too much distance between what is necessary for the public school to guarantee the restart in September in presence and in safety, and what is assured by the minister Azzolina”, says Francesco Sinopoli, leader of the Flc CGIL. Criticism also comes from the opposition. “The school year 2019-2020 will remain in the memory of entire generations of students because never in the history of Republican Italy had there been such an emergency and such a prolonged closure of all educational institutions”, says Mariastella Gelmini, group leader of FI Italia to the Chamber. And Gabriele Toccafondi (IV) underlines that “parents should do the strike more than school unions”.

The plan of Campania
Meanwhile, the “Safe School” plan of the Campania Region starts tomorrow: the teaching and non-teaching staff involved in the state exams will be able to carry out the buffer, on a voluntary basis, at the territorial checkpoints of the five Campania provinces. “This is a project wanted by President De Luca to give security to staff and students and their families engaged in the final exams – declares the regional councilor for Education, Social and Youth Policies Lucia Fortini -. We want to make our school community quiet. This first screening, which will cover around 27,000 subjects in Campania, will be the first test for the start of school in September, when the free vaccination campaign for the normal flu for children and the elderly wanted by the Governor will also start ».

As for the return to school in September Fortini announces that meetings will begin tomorrow to understand how to start again. «There are already a number of critical issues, especially that of the school building situation which I believe can hardly be resolved in a short time, especially without an adequate allocation of resources by the government. On the part of the Regions, the proposal was made to provide two square meters for each student ». For the return to school, Campania “has imagined space and strengthening of the staff: it will not be possible to do it with the chairs of law, even if it would have been right, but you cannot think of strengthening the teaching without imagining places, at least for a year, to give to our teachers ».

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