Coronavirus, Mattarella rewards the sacrifices of Italy at the forefront. The doctors, the cleaner, the cashier, the rider, the driver of the 118 and the volunteers: the list of 57 knights of merit



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The 118 driver of Piacenza. The cleaner at a hospital in the Milan area that allowed the health facilities to move forward. The workers a Bergamo who continued to work to deliver oxygen cylinders as soon as possible. The pharmacist who traveled 100 km every day to keep the service open a Codogno. The cashier of Pesaro who donated prepaid cards to do the shopping. The rider who led to the Red Cross of turin a thousand masks bought from his pocket. Then the doctors: the team of the Spallanzani of Rome and the Sacco of Milan, but also the first two female doctors to have treated patient 1. In the list of Knights of merit nominated by Sergio Mattarella there are the faces and sacrifices of all Italy engaged in the front line in the emergency. Healthcare workers, of course, from doctors to researchers, but also those people who in their small way have made a contribution to the community to withstand one of the greatest health crises in the country’s history.


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Coronavirus, the rugby player-volunteer Mbanda knighted by Mattarella: “I didn’t expect it. For me it is a source of great pride “

I’m 57 awards announced today by the head of state and the list is once again a testament to the commitment of Sergio Mattarella for that national unity that has been preaching since the beginning of the emergency. “The President of the Republic”, reads the note from the Quirinale, “wanted to be honored with Knight of merit of the Republic a first group of citizens, of different roles, professions and geographic origin, who have particularly distinguished themselves in community service. The awards, attributed to individuals, want symbolically represent the choral commitment of many of our fellow citizens in the name of solidarity and constitutional values ​​”. The announcement came 24 hours after the celebrations for the Republic Day, an anniversary that this year has been characterized by pain and suffering for the many victims of our country. “The institutions are up to the pain of the Italians” the head of state said in his speech on the eve.

This is the list of awarded citizens:

Annalisa Malara and Laura Ricevutirespectively, an anesthesiologist from Lodi and a doctor from the medicine department of Codogno, they are the first to treat Italian patient 1.

Maurizio Cecconi, professor of anesthesia and intensive care at the Humanitas University of Milan, was named by Jama (the journal of American doctors) one of the three world heroes of the pandemic.

Mariateresa Gallea, Paolo Simonato, Luca Sostini, the three family doctors from Padua who voluntarily went to the red area to replace the quarantined colleagues of Vò Euganeo.

Don Fabio Stevenazzi of the board of the San Cristoforo pastoral community of Gallarate (VA) he returned to work as a doctor at the Busto Arsizio hospital.

Fabiano Di Marco, chief of pneumology at the Papa Giovanni XXIII Hospital in Bergamo, told the tragic situation of the city and hospital.


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Coronavirus, the school in the Zen district of Palermo gives families in difficulty the shopping spree: “You can’t take lessons with empty tables”

Monica Bettoni, a former senator and Undersecretary for Health, a retired doctor, has decided to return to the ward in Parma.

Elena Pagliarini she is the Cremona nurse portrayed in the photo that has become a symbol of the coronavirus emergency. Positive, she healed.

Marina Vanzetta, operator of 118 in Verona, rescued an elderly woman and was close to her until her death.

Giovanni Moresi, Piacenza Soccorso 118 rescue driver, offered a testimony of the role of 118 rescue drivers.

Beniamino Laterza, employed at the “Vis Spa” surveillance institute and serving in the Moscati hospital in Taranto, Covid garrison.

The team at the National Institute of Infectious Diseases Lazzaro Spallanzani in Rome – structure of excellence in public health include: Maria Rosaria Capobianchi, at the head of the team that helped isolate the virus. Concetta Castilletti, head of the Emerging Virus Unit. Francesca Colavita, Fabrizio Carletti, Antonino Di Caro, Lucia Bordi, Eleonora Lalle, Daniele Lapa, Giulia Matusali, biologists.

In the research team of the Sacco hospital and the University of Milan, poles of excellence in the field of the national health and research system: Claudia Balotta at the head of the team, now retired. In 2003 he had isolated the Sars virus. Gianguglielmo Zehender, associate professor. Arianna Gabrieli, Annalisa Bergna, Alessia Lai, Maciej Stanislaw Tarkowski researchers.

Ettore Cannabona, Commander of the Carabinieri Station of Altavilla Milicia (Palermo), he donated the entire monthly salary to charity.

Bruno Crosato representing the Alpini of the Civil Protection of Veneto who have restored 5 disused hospitals in the region in record time.

Mata Maxime Esuite Mbandà, player for the Zebra Rugby Club and for the Italian national team, volunteer on ambulances for the Seirs Croce Gialla Association of Parma.

Marco Buono and Yvette Batantu Yanzege of the Red Cross Riccione responded to the appeal from Lombardy asking for help from doctors and staff with ambulances.

Renato Favero and Cristian Fracassi, the doctor who had the idea of ​​adapting a snorkeling mask for health purposes and the engineer who made it.

Concetta D’Isanto, cleaner in a Milanese hospital. It is part of that group of workers that allowed healthcare facilities to move forward during the emergency.

Giuseppe Maestri, pharmacist in Codogno, every day he traveled a hundred km to go to the full red area.

Rosa Maria Lucchetti, cashier at the Hypercoop Mirafiore in Pesaro, left a letter to 118 operators also giving them three 250 euro prepaid cards.

Ambrogio Iacono, teacher at the Talete hotel professional institute in Ischia. Positivo, admitted to Rizzoli di Lacco Ameno, he continued to teach at a distance during the days of hospitalization.

Daniela Lo Verde, Principal of the “Giovanni Falcone” institute in the Zen district of Palermo, he launched a fundraising campaign to give food supplies to some families in difficulty. His appeal to recover PCs and tablets to allow his students to follow lessons remotely.

Cristina Avancini, the teacher from Vicenza who, despite the expired contract, has not interrupted the video lessons with his students.

Alessandro Santoianni and Francesca Leschiutta, director of the rest home of the Parish of San Vito al Tagliamento (Pd) and nursing coordinator who, together with the other employees, remained to live in the structure to protect the elderly guests.

Piero Terragni, entrepreneur from Bellusco (Monza and Brianza), following the death of an employee, Erminio Misani, who left his wife and three children, hired his wife Michela Arlati.

Riccardo Emanuele Tiritiello, student of the Paolo Frisi Institute of Milan. With their father and grandfather they cooked for free for the doctors and nurses of the Sacco hospital.

Francesco Pepe, when he had to close his restaurant in Caiazzo di Caserta he prepared pizzas and biscuits for the poor and the elderly in difficulty, organizing a fundraiser for the Caserta hospital.

Irene Coppola he made, at his expense, thousands of masks. He helped an association for the deaf by inventing a transparent mask to read the lip.

Alessandro Bellantoni with his taxi, he made a free ride of 1,300 km to bring a three-year-old girl from Vibo Valentia to the Bambin Gesù hospital in Rome for an oncological check-up.

Mahmoud Lufti Ghuniem, in Italy since 2012, is a rider. He presented himself to the Red Cross of Turin with a stock of a thousand masks purchased from his pocket.

Daniele La Spina, representing the young people of Grugliasco at the service of the city of Turin who brought essential products to those who need them, in particular to the elderly alone.

Giacomo Pigni, a volunteer from the Auser Ticino-Olona involved about twenty students who started making listening calls to give company to lonely people.

Pietro Floreno, sick for more than ten years, Sla has communicated that he wants to make his pulmonary reserve ventilator available to ASL for coronavirus patients.

Maurizio Magli, representing the 30 workers of Tenaris di Dalmine who, when the order for the production of 5 thousand cylinders arrived in the shortest time possible, voluntarily continued to work.

Greta Stella, professional photographer, volunteer at the Red Cross of Loano (Savona), has created a photographic story of the daily activities of the volunteers.

Giorgia Depaoli, international cooperator and is dedicated in particular to the defense of women’s rights. He immediately gave his availability to the platform “Trento helps himself”.

Carlo Olmo, has contributed to the free supply of municipalities and health facilities in Piedmont with masks, gloves and gowns.

Maria Sara Feliciangeli, founder of the Angeli in Moto Association, together with her biker friends, has committed herself to delivering medicines at home to people with multiple sclerosis.

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