Coronavirus, Mattarella appoints Bellantoni the taxi driver: “I am incredulous”


Fifty-seven Italians have been awarded the title of Knight of Merit by the Republic by President Mattarella. They received the award for being “particularly distinguished in community service during the coronavirus emergency.” Among them there is also Alessandro Bellantoni. With his taxi he accompanied a three-year-old girl and her mother to carry out an oncological check-up visit. From Vibo Valentia to Bambin Gesù, round trip.

Bellantoni, its history has left its mark. At this point we can say that the Quirinale was also positively impressed …

It seems incredible to me. For me it was a completely spontaneous gesture. The Radiotaxi cooperative I work for made it public, you told it on Romatoday. But I repeat: for me it was a pretty normal thing, a gesture that I felt compelled to make for a family that was in difficulty.

When did you learn that you had become a Knight?

I knew it now. I was out on business this morning and when I got home I found many messages on facebook. Many friends were reporting this news to me which I then definitively ascertained by watching TG1. It was so that, to my amazement, I learned that I was knighted.

He looks really surprised

Obviously it makes me very happy. But, I don’t know how to say it, it seems to me a huge recognition, maybe it’s too much.

Evidently he deserved it. Do you want to take advantage of this media showcase to send a few messages?

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Yes, as I said in the previous interview, I am a dad of a disabled girl. If I can take advantage of the opportunity, I would ask the institutions to be closer to the families who live in my condition. We have to deal with problems of all kinds every day, from architectural barriers to the incivility of those who occupy places for the disabled. But I also think of bureaucracy which sometimes does not simplify our lives. If I can then I feel like asking for more attention to families who, inside them, have people with disabilities.

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