Coronavirus, Lopalco: “Plasma tests necessary”


We can say, based on what the scientific research method is, that current plasma experiments in Italy are not only useful but also necessary on the international scene to add new evidence, which may add to what is objectively rather scarce at the moment “. So’ Pier Luigi Lopalco, full professor of Hygiene and Preventive Medicine at the University of Pisa, in a hearing today in the Chamber’s Social Affairs Commission on the ongoing experimentation for the treatment of patients with Covid-19 with plasma and other ongoing trials.

“Just yesterday in the American magazine ‘Jama‘- Lopalco said – a randomized clinical trial was published which included 101 patients. This study concludes that hyperimmune plasma can be administered without particular adverse events to patients; but from the point of view of efficacy, although a certain shortening of the hospital stay and a certain reduction in mortality in the treated patients have been demonstrated, compared to the untreated ones, this study has not however reached a statistical power such as to say that the plasma hyperimmune is actually more effective than standard treatment “.

As for the use of hyperimmune plasma for Covid-19, so far “we have a systematic review published on April 17 – added Lopalco – which contains all the evidence collected so far. In this review, the authors collected data on a total of 27 patients treated mainly in China with hyperimmune plasma and we obviously speak of case series, therefore not of controlled studies. More recently, on May 27, we have another study on 25 patients in the United States, which concludes that the administration of hyperimmune plasma is safe, for which no particular adverse events have been noted on patients, however the authors rightly say that it is not possible to draw conclusions because they are patients who in addition to plasma have also had standard treatment. In addition to the fact that there was no control group to refer to “.

Lopalco finally recalled that plasma infusion in the past was already used for other infections, we are also talking about two centuries ago, in 1890, when this type of therapy started. But more recently, patients with Sars and Mers have been treated, which are other Coronaviruses very similar to the new one, just as it was also used during the 2009 pandemic with H1N1 flu “. (to say)

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