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“In Lombardy the situation is now under control” and “objectively it has greatly improved. Thanks to the systematic adoption of serological tests and swabs, now widely available, they have managed to fill gaps in the search for cases, which are not from yesterday but from the previous days “. This was explained by virologist Fabrizio Pregliasco, Health Director of the IRCCS Istituto Ortopedico Galeazzi in Milan, during the Agorà broadcast on Rai3.

In the morning, the regional councilor for Welfare, Giulio Gallera, announced that “from June 3 we will be able to move freely”, adding that it is disrespectful for some regions to worry about the Lombards. Then, he reiterated: “In Lombardy, no swapping of data”.

On the day of the reopening, the breaking of a large pipe caused a flooding inside the Cozzi swimming pool in Milan. In the capital, work continues on the construction of the new cycle paths for Phase 2. From Wednesday, Trenord returns to the pre-emergency service. (ALL UPDATES)

11:28 – From June 3 Trenord returns to pre-Covid service

From Wednesday, the Trenord service, which manages regional rail transport in Lombardy, will return to offer the same places as before the Coronavirus emergency, at least on the lines with the greatest flow, while guaranteeing distance. At peak times, there will be more wagons on the busiest routes. “For the start of the new phase, the journeys in Lombardy will increase from 1500 to around 1900 per day: 100% of the service on the major suburban routes and the main regional connections during peak hours will be guaranteed – they explain from the company -. lines with higher demand, where there is a greater risk of stress from the on-board spacing measures, the offer will be enhanced with more capacious compositions, thus guaranteeing 100% of pre-Covid seats “. The Malpensa Express airport connection will return from Milan Cadorna every 30 minutes, in addition to the one already active on Milan Central for a total of 107 trips per day to and from the airport.

11:14 – Room: “Forward with cycle paths and metro extensions”

Despite the controversy unleashed above all among the traders, the mayor of Milan, Giuseppe Sala, announced that the municipality “will continue on the cycle paths”. “Here there may be controversy, obviously everyone in their way is right, but I point out a point, a reflection, – he said in the usual video on social networks – that is that the cycle path of Corso Venezia and Buenos Aires currently records 6 thousand cyclists per day “. As for the extensions of the Milan undergrounds to other Municipalities “I am giving impetus for the projects of new undergrounds to go ahead. Certainly the extension of the M1 to Baggio, but in particular of the M5 to Monza, we are discussing it with the various municipalities to find the final design – he concluded -. It is clear to all of you that a significant part of the traffic in the city derives from those who come from outside the city “.

9:44 – Gallera: “Little respectful to worry about the Lombards for reopenings”

It is disrespectful to worry about some Lombards or other citizens by some Regions in relation to the reopening of Phase 2 of the coronavirus emergency: this, in short, is the thought of the Lombard Welfare Councilor Giulio Gallera who spoke at Mattinocinque. “We have a health system, if someone is sick they must be hospitalized or treated – he said -. The system is to have within our region points, outpatient clinics, hospitals capable of hospitalizing people who they can feel bad. But this applies to any type of disease. “
“Then – Gallera underlined – that we want to keep people monitored, health conditions is a mechanism. It seems strange to me, disrespectful of what we have experienced, an attitude that affects only the Lombards or other citizens because the situation is in strong improvement in our region and, moreover, if someone is not feeling well, he will not leave or be monitored. In Lombardy a real bomb exploded which found everyone unprepared, the western world was unprepared “.
Gallera continued: “Today the tracing and swabs in the Lombardy region are done in a very timely and very thorough way. There are no swaps in the data because there is a national system that was wanted and defined with a decree of the Minister of Health and that leads all the Regions to send data that are very specific, in-depth and punctual. And if the Higher Institute of Health highlights the correctness of the Regions and also of the Lombardy Region it means that it has made some insights. And our data have been clear and linear from day one. ”

9:19 – Gallera: “From 3 June we move freely”

“From June 3 we move freely between the Regions, then some Regions are reflecting on the holiday periods”. Thus the Lombard Welfare Councilor, Giulio Gallera, answering the questions in the Mattinocinque transmission. “We cannot speak of a health passport also because we must remember that the serological blood test concerns only a photograph: if you had a disease – he observed -. Then maybe you can still have it in progress, but it is a data that tells what you have been, then it must be deepened with a tampon that is the photograph of a moment. If I do a swab and then get on a ferry I can reinfect myself at that moment. There is no guarantee that the diagnostic or even epidemiological test can give. So the health passport is an instrument that has no foundation as evidenced by the Ministry and all the experts “.” To equip oneself to provide a health service – concluded Gallera – with surgeries, with structures capable of accompanying those who are ill and in power check the state of health this is a proposal of some Regions. We will see how it goes. ”

“The attitude of Greece – he continued – is incomprehensible in the sense that in Europe we have had nations that have had many more infections both in absolute terms and by inhabitants. The worst situation is in Belgium in relation to the number of inhabitants and people “You want to talk about Spain, France, Great Britain? That the attention you take on Northern Italy seems frankly a little anachronistic to me”.

9:15 – Pregliasco: “In Lombardy situation under control”

“In Lombardy the situation is now under control and objectively it has greatly improved. Thanks to the systematic adoption of serological tests and swabs, now widely available, they have managed to bridge the gap in the search for cases, which are not from yesterday but from the previous days”. The virologist Fabrizio Pregliasco, Health Director of the IRCCS Istituto Ortopedico Galeazzi in Milan, explained this during the Agorà broadcast on Rai3, promoting the decision to open regional borders. “With 2.4 cases of infection per week per 10,000 inhabitants. The risk of meeting an infected person has been greatly reduced,” said Pregliasco. “I consider the opening of regional borders to be fundamental”, but “always with a view to attention and a vigilant serenity with respect to the risk of possible outbreaks. Unfortunately this – the expert concluded – we must take into account. It would have taken a longer lockdown to get to zero cases of infection but, it was objectively impossible “.

8:34 – Flooding in the Cozzi Milano swimming pool on the day of reopening

On the day of the reopening of the swimming pools in Lombardy as part of Phase 2 of the Coronavirus emergency, a large water pipe inside the Cozzi structure, one of the historic plants with two tanks of water in the center of Milan, broke causing a flood. For precautionary reasons, the electricity was interrupted in the area, while the firefighters and aqueduct technicians are at work. The website of the swimming pool states that there was a technical problem during the night and that access to the property is currently not possible.

7:11 – Cts: “Misleading and dangerous Zangrillo words”

“Granted and not granted that similar claims are supported by scientific information, and at the moment there is no evidence, such superficial and misleading words are decidedly dangerous in such a critical moment of transition from a lockdown phase that has concerned not only the Italy, but the whole world “. So the coordinator of the government’s scientific technical committee, Agostino Miozzo, replies to the statements of the director of intensive care of San Raffaele in Milan Alberto Zangrillo. Wanting to go from a total lockdown to a “free all”, Miozzo reiterates, “is worrying and dangerous. We will all be happy to share the brilliant intuitions of Dr. Zangrillo, but until proven otherwise, science says other things. Also because today there are still 80 dead and hundreds of new cases, of which more than 50% in the region of Professor Zangrillo “.

7:08 – Closes installation-memorial victims of Bergamo

It will be a performance by actor Oreste Castagna and jazz musician Gianluigi Trovesi to close, on Wednesday at 19:30, the memorial “Every life is a story”, set up in Don Andrea Spada square in Bergamo, on the facade of one of the Sesaab buildings Edizioni, the publishing house of The Eco of Bergamo, and dedicated to the Bergamo victims of the Coronavirus, whose faces and names have been shown in rotation on a maxi screen.

7:04 – Many to the Valtellina mountains, a road closed

Assault on the mountains yesterday in Valtellina, thanks to the good weather and the openings after the prolonged lockdown. The desire to walk outdoors has infected many Lombards coming, in particular, from Milan, Lecco, Como, Varese and Monza. So the director of the Sondrio Police Headquarters, Faustino Bertolini, at a certain point advised the Anas to put on the luminous panels of the Lecco-Colico highway, in the northbound lanes, the writing with the notice that in the mountain resort of Val Masino ( Sondrio) access was no longer possible.

7:01 – Healed at 91 in the military hospital in Milan

“I’m fine, I’ll never forget you, I love you.” With these words, a 91-year-old woman recovered from Coronavirus left the Military Hospital Center in Milan, where she was hospitalized for 35 days. “These are the most beautiful victories for those who work for the good of our country!”, Is written on the Army’s Facebook page, where a video has also been published showing the old woman as she leaves the hospital greeted by applause and applauds herself, before getting into her son’s car. “Grandmother Carmela, 91 years old – reads in the post – after having spent 35 days in hospital at the Military Hospital Center in Milan, she was cured of Covid-19 and can finally return home! Because hope sees the invisible, touches the ‘intangible and reaches the impossible “.

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