Coronavirus Lombardia, Patrizia Baffi resigns after the controversy: she leaves the presidency of the Covid commission of inquiry


The regional councilor of Italy Viva Patrizia Baffi has left the presidency of the Covid commission of inquiry set up by the Lombardy Regional Council. The resignation was resigned on Friday afternoon with a letter to the president of the regional council Alessandro Fermi. The 52-year-old councilor of Codogno, whose election had been immediately at the center of the controversy because it took place with the votes of the center-right majority (plus hers), decided to resign after the request to leave the position reached by the national summits of his party, as well as from Pd and 5 Stars.

“Because I firmly believe – writes Baffi in a letter addressed to the President of the Regional Council Alessandro Fermi.- in the importance of the Commission of Inquiry, which will have the task of clarifying the health emergency that has marked our region and our lives so much and which must also lead to the start of a process of revision of the regional health reform, to heal the system’s shortcomings and overcome the weaknesses that have emerged in recent months, with this review, I resigned from the position of president starting from today, in the hope that this will contribute to re-establish a favorable climate for the performance of the important work that awaits us “,

Shortly before the 5 Star Movement, after the Democratic Party, had formalized the withdrawal of his three advisors from the Covid Commission of Inquiry. The two main opposition parties at Palazzo Pirelli had announced the abandonment of the commission immediately after Baffi was appointed to the presidency. The dem had formalized the resignation in recent days, while the 5 stars did so on Friday, despite some attempts by Mustache to mend the tear.

The election took place on May 26th. The presidency of the Commission – following the council regulation – belongs to the opposition, which had indicated the dem Jacopo Scandella, beaten by Baffi by 46 votes to 28. A few hours earlier, in Rome, Italy Viva had paraded on the vote of the junta for the Senate immunity against Matteo Salvini. And the junta had rejected the request to send the League leader to trial. The Lombard vote had infuriated Pd and M5S, who immediately asked Baffi to resign and abandoned the works.

«I am from Codogno and I work in an RSA. I know what I’m talking about “, Baffi had told Corriere the day after his election. Among other things, she had been criticized for a photo on Facebook that portrays her with Attilio Fontana and the writing “We trust you”. “The photo is from two years ago, when the governor came to Lodi for a gastronomic review – he explained -. I picked it up at the beginning of the pandemic by attaching that sentence. But it was the next day when Renzi himself wrote to Fontana expressing solidarity and “making himself available” ». «Matteo Renzi also called me asking me to think again. He told me that the Democratic Party was instrumentalizing this story and that my election put us in trouble. But I believe too much in this commission: it is the opportunity to make a diagnosis of the things that have not gone and to find a cure for Lombard health, “said Baffi. Now the announcement of the resignation.

Immediate certificates of appreciation from the opposition for the councilor’s decision. «Patrizia Baffi shows that for those of Italia Viva politics can be done even without armchairs. Thank you », is Matteo Renzi’s comment on Twitter. “We are pleased that you understood that it was not possible to preside over a commission of inquiry without the presence of the main minority groups. I thank Patrizia Baffi for the step backwards and for the institutional sense », writes Dario Violi, regional councilor of the M5S Lombardia. “We invite the majority – adds Violi – to put an end to the theaters and to proceed with the election of a new President who is truly an expression of the will of the minorities and who can guarantee total transparency”. «We appreciate the decision of the councilor Baffi- declares the leader of the Democratic Party in the Fabio Pizzul Region -. We had asked for this act of responsibility and thank you for doing it. We agree with you that this can help restore a favorable climate for carrying out an important job that we must do in the interest of Lombard citizens. We hope that the majority, starting from the League, intend to lay down the conditions for putting the commission back on a new footing. If this is the case, we will not back down and present our members to the president of the regional council to reinstate them. ”

On the opposite side, the reactions of the center-right. “The commission of inquiry on Covid-19 is sacked due to the serious interference of politics, Roman and beyond, which has not stopped a minute of putting pressure on the limits of the threat on the elected president Patrizia Baffi. The Democratic Party has in fact broken with his hands the toy he wanted to use at his leisure, with the approval of the Five Star allies “, the group leader of the League declared to the Lombardy Regional Council Roberto Anelli and the president of the Mixed group Viviana Beccalossi. “To Patrizia Baffi – they conclude – our utmost solidarity goes.” Gianluca Comazzi, leader of Forza Italia at the Lombardy Regional Council, speaks of “lynching” and “political and media pillory from the theater of the absurd” and comments: “Sorry that a trained and competent woman had to give up, due to countless pressures, to a role obtained in a fully regular manner, having been voted by the majority of those entitled “.

June 5, 2020 | 17:07


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