Coronavirus Lombardia, infections and hospitalizations in sharp decline: 143 cases, -25 in intensive care


Milan, June 16, 2020 – New cases in decline today in Italy: sui 210 contagions in the last 24 hours in the Peninsula to weigh, this time in positive, are the numbers of Lombardy, which today marks “only” 143 new cases against 259 yesterday. Consequently, the percentage of new Lombard cases on the national figure falls: yesterday it was over 85%, today 68%. In the last 24 hours in the region they have registered 9 deaths, one more than yesterday but still below the “psychological threshold” of ten, which was crossed for the first time since the beginning of an emergency on Monday. In total, since the beginning of the epidemic, there have been 92,060 cases in Lombardy and 16,466 dead. The swabs made are 7,044 (total at 906,322), with a percentage of today’s positives by 2%. THE healed / discharged are 877 (in total 60,361), while the currently positive they fell by 743 units to 15,233. As has been the case for weeks now, the the most comforting figure comes from hospital facilities: Also today Intensively covid-19 patients drop significantly, and also inpatients. In the last 24 hours, the former fell by 25 units (69 in total), while the hospitalized patients fell by 116 below 2,000 (1,902). Yesterday the number of ICU patients had remained unchanged at 94, while the hospitalized patients had fallen by 98.

“It is important to underline – commented the Lombard Councilor for Welfare Giulio Gallera – what gods 143 positives reported today a significant number refer to long-standing infections. Specifically 54 are to be attributed to regional serological screening (including 18 ‘weakly positive’ results). In the same way, 24 other cases were found to be ‘weakly positive’ on tests carried out after reports from family doctors, Ats and hospitals, to citizens and guests of RSA, a sign of a tail end of the infection. Also very significant is the figure of ICU patients, which decreases by as many as 25 patients “.

Data summary of Tuesday 16 June

Provincial data

IS’ Milan today the province with more new cases of Covid-19 in Lombardy: 42 new positives compared to yesterday (total at 23,905), of which 18 in Milan city (10,174 in total). Growth in the other provinces is much more contained. Here is the detail: Bergamo 13,909 (+12), Brescia 15,337 (+11), Como 4,018 (+10) Cremona 6,559 (+3), Lecco 2,801 (=), Lodi 3,549 (+8), Mantova 3,419 (+12), Monza and Brianza 5,663 (+7), Pavia 5,494 (+6), Sondrio 1,541 (+1), Varese 3,823 (+22)

Provincial data on Tuesday 16 June

Fontana: high numbers because they affect tests

A concept also expressed by Governor Attilio Fontana who in one place on Facebook explains: In Lombardy there has been a course serological screening wide-ranging. For each positive serological follows a tampon to make sure the disease is fully overcome. This is making it possible to locate i asymptomatic positives and in the total daily total it implies a higher number of hits “.

Second wave hypothesis, intensive care reinforced

Lombardy is in any case preparing for a possible one second wave. The Region has indeed allocated 225 million euros to strengthen i intensive care beds, sub-intensive surveillance and hospital stay. The goal is to ensure “adequate responses in case of resurgence of the virus without compromising the operation of the hospital network for other diseases “, they explained by the council immediately after approving the allocation. Among the solutions identified, there is also the hospital set up in the Milan fair with an allocation of 221 seats, as well as that set up in the Bergamo fair. A requalification of further 704 beds is also foreseen semi-intensive therapy who must be able to support ventilatory assistance activities in the medical area, at least half of which (352) are able to be promptly reconverted into intensive care beds.

Free swab after positive serological test

The Regional Council has unanimously approved, on the initiative of the Democratic Party, a bipartisan motion which commits the junta to strengthen the plan screening of the Lombard population from Covid. Five points of the motion: the Region will have to make free the swab carried after positive serological test (today it is refunded only if the swab is positive); will have to lead one epidemiological study by serological tests on over 65, which were the category most affected by the virus; must indicate to the laboratories one standard rate for serological tests carried out privately; will have to include a facilitated route he is ‘sburocratized’ for the companies who want to perform i tests on their employees.

Covid: “So ultraviolet neutralizes the virus”

The Sun now summer has some role in Pandemic truce who is also experiencing the Lombardy, despite the 259 infections reported yesterday (out of 4,298 “buffered”, with 109 cases discovered through public serological tests and a majority of “weakly positive” intercepted at the end of the disease)? On the website of the Ministry of Health we still read that “there is no scientific evidence that exposure to the sun, or living in countries with hot climates, will prevent new coronavirus infection. “The answer, however, is updated to April 9; and after two months in which researchers from all over the world are focused on new pathogen, the first “scientific evidence” on this hypothesis put forward by some scientists in the first weeks of the epidemic begins to arrive.

Stop the Diasorin serological tests

The Lombardy Region has suspension of the supply of Diasorin serological tests, waiting for the judicial decisions after tar has canceled the collaboration agreement between the Irccs Policlinico San Matteo and Diasorin itself). This was communicated by the Lombard Councilor for Welfare, Giulio Gallera.

Bergamo, free serological tests: ten thousand reservations

They left yesterday at Bergamo 50 thousand serological tests and 20 thousand swabs: go to the first 1,700. In just one week, free swab tests for residents, in the 18-64 age group, who can book their appointment through the web app they are already almost ten thousand. Once the serological test has been booked, the citizen will receive an sms to confirm the appointment and a QR Code to be shown on collection. A winning combination, worth 3 million, that proposed by Palazzo Frizzoni, if you think that every citizen withdrawal-buffer would cost 140 euros. Free swab, which will be performed 48 hours later, in case of positivity to the test.

Magasa, only a positivity after serological tests

Only one positive for serological tests: Magasa, in Bresciano, Municipality is confirmed ‘Almost’ Covid-free. For the duration of the most acute phase of the Covid-19 emergency, the country was among the very few not to end up on the Ats list, updated daily with the numbers of positive new coronavirus. There was some influence, but no one ended up in hospital or in intensive care. To give residents serenity to understand if they really are SARS-CoV-2 remained outside the confines of the small municipality, the only case besides Irma, the Municipality’s pro loco financed serological tests for residents last week. On Friday 70 people showed up, almost all of the population.

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