Coronavirus Lombardia, 84 new infections but only 3,410 swabs. Hospitalizations are still falling


Milan, June 4, 2020 – It belongs to 84 the number of newly infected people of Covid-19 in Lombardy compared to 3,410 swabs performed for a percentage ratio of 2.5% (yesterday it was 2.1%, when 11,355 swabs had been processed). In the region I am 29 recorded deaths, the same issue yesterday for a total of 16,201 as they continue to drop hospitalizations: 125 in intensive care (-6 on yesterday) and 2,954 in the ward (-41). The resigned were 55 and the current positive are 20,224, also unchanged in this case. . Intensive care hospitalizations for coronaviruses in Lombardy are still down, falling by 6 to 125 today. The other hospitalizations fell by 4 to 2954.

Data summary of Thursday 4 June

Provincial data

The new cases of coronavirus in the Province of Milan, today 31 (yesterday 37 and the day before yesterday 45). The trend in the Milanese city was stable, where covid positives are 16 today (yesterday 14 and yesterday 12). Among the other Lombard provinces it stands out Bergamo, which, after the 77 cases of yesterday, today only records one. The numbers of the infection in the other provinces are also down, with 20 cases in Brescia, 4 y Como, 1 a Cremona, 5 y Lecco, 2 a Lodi, 2 a Mantova, 3 y Monza Brianza, 6 y Pavia, 2 a Sondrio, and 6 a Varese.

Provincial data on Thursday 4 June

Codogno emergency room reopened

There reopening of the Codogno emergency room it is perhaps the most evident sign of entering a new phase of the emergency. Three months after the intuition of the anesthesiologist and new Knight of the Republic Annalisa Malara, who identified the possible and then ascertained presence of the virus in the symptoms of ‘patient 1’ Mattia, Codogno regained his first aid. Present today at the reopening the general director of the ASST of Lodi, Massimo Lombardo, the primary of the emergency room Stefano Paglia and the mayor of Codogno Francesco Passerini. Different pathways have been set up at the facility for suspected cases of Covid and non-Covid patients. From today the medical staff specialized in emergencies / emergencies returns to service in the Lower Lodigiano area. Already this morning a Covid first suspected patient he entered the emergency room shortly after the reopening. The patient has been routed on a route
that isolates him from other sick people. In the afternoon, the swab ascertained negativity.

Threats to Fontana, dossier filed

About thirty pages of documents, entitled “climate of hatred“, where all the threats and intimidation online and beyond addressed to the Lombard governor Attilio Fontana, under escort. The president’s lawyer, the lawyer Jacopo Pensa, filed them today in the public prosecutor’s office in Milan as “documentary production”. There are also anonymous letters sent to the Fontana family, As one in which “an occasional traffic accident” is feared. The cards were deposited with prosecutor Alberto Nobili, head of counterterrorism.

Istat data on deaths in Lombardy

According to Istat data, the provinces most affected by the epidemic are those in which the most important reductions are observed. Bergamo is Lodi these are the areas where the drop in mortality has been more pronounced, the excess mortality drops from 571% in March to 123% in April in Bergamo and from 377% to 79.9% in Lodi. On the other hand, excess mortality is still high in April 2020, at levels similar to those of March, in the provinces of Pavia (135% more deaths than the 2015-2019 average), Monza and Brianza (101% ) and Milan (98%).

Hyperimmune plasma for the second wave

A Lombard protocol to cure with plasmaterapia who needs it. It is being prepared in case the dreaded second wave of COVID-19. Then a much higher number than the first 48 patients could be given an infusion of hyperimmune plasma, as the professor Cesare Perotti with excellent results. We think of a regional protocol, while the Policlinico San Matteo collects the blood of the healed to be ready for any new emergencies.

Brianza vaccine against Covid 19

A Italian vaccine against Covid-19. The Monzese Rottapharm Biotech and the biotechnology company Takis they are ready “to start the clinical trial“, anticipates Lucio Rovati, president and scientific director of Rottapharm Biotech. Its contribution is not only financial, with the first 3 million euros “already agreed”. “We immediately made available to Takis the technical support of our scientific managers, creating a team of high clinical skills, toxicology, pharmacology and in the development of organic products”, explains Rovati. This is the new course of Rottapharm Biotech after the restructuring which, a couple of weeks ago, he left 64 researchers at home and opened up new perspectives.

Italy-Switzerland: one-way borders

Eventually the only ones to benefit from the reopening of the borders between Italy and Switzerland were i German and Dutch tourists, neatly lined up from Tuesday midnight when the Beautiful country has reopened to citizens of the Schengen area. Their arrival was hailed as a breath of fresh air for hotels and tour operators, even though most of the cars and campers who crossed the motorway pass of Brogeda they were directed towards the Adriatic Riviera and the tourist resorts of the Center and South.

Movida, Milan turns around

It lasted just over a week thenighttime anti-alcohol ordinance by the mayor Giuseppe Sala. Yesterday, in fact, the back of the Municipality arrived, which has the provision revoked (signed at 6pm on May 26th and valid until midnight on June 15th) which imposed a stop to the sale of takeaway alcohol after 7pm and the ban on consuming it throughout the city until 7am, even within parks, gardens and green areas. A provision that had been taken urgently to put a stop to the “wild aperitif” scenes immortalized in several parts of the city immediately after the reopening to the public of bars and clubs, which had feared a dangerous resumption of the contagions caused by the gatherings in nightlife area.

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