Coronavirus LIVE, today’s data: 393 new cases and 56 deaths. Count to prosecutors: ‘I would do it all’. In Lombardy 25% of serological tests are positive | A league


The pandemic coronavirus the world is changing. follows the main updates of the day in real time.18.30 The Civil Protection Bulletin of Friday 12 June: the total number of infected people has risen to 236,305 by virtue of 393 new cases. 56 died today which brings the total to 34,223 from the beginning of the epidemic. The healed (+1747) also increased sharply, bringing the currently positive to 28,997. In seven regions, no new infections occurred.

18.00 As announced by the Welfare Councilor of Lombardy, Giulii Gallera, 264,024 serological tests were performed in Lombardy and 25.6% of the 161,695 citizens tested were positive

16.20 Return to class, the first day of school could slip to 23 September. Ministry and Regions have not yet agreed. And the problem of administrative elections arises

14:51 The hearing of Giuseppe Conte, a person informed of the facts, by the prosecutors on the missed red areas of Nembro and Alzano Lombardo ended after about 3 hours.

12:30 In the first quarter of 2020, employment decreased by 101 thousand units (0.4%) compared to the previous three months. TheIstat, which explains how the employment rate is now 58.8%.

12:15 In the detections as of May 31, there are 3,600 new infections from coronavirus at work compared to the previous one of May 15. The national report on infections of professional origin reported by theInail.

11.50 am Sandra Zampa, Undersecretary for Health, said: “The possibility of a second wave exists, the virus is still circulating. However, we are organized, this time we cannot be unprepared.”09:55 Background to the Council of Ministers last night: second Republic, a real tug of war was staged on the reopening of discotheques and contact sports. In the end, Minister Speranza’s line wins: the route has been postponed from 15 June to 25 June.

09:40 Important day for Giuseppe Conte: the prime minister, in fact, will be heard by the prosecutors of Bergamo regarding the missed red areas of Nembro and Alzano Lombardo. Intervened at Republic, the Prime Minister assures: “No, I am not afraid of being investigated at all. I acted in science and conscience. I immediately made myself available to the magistrates to inform them about the circumstances of which I am aware. I would do everything I did” .

09:25 High, very high numbers in the USA: 2,500 new infections were recorded in Texas yesterday, 8,533 new cases in Florida in one week. The contagion curve has started to rise again in 21 states with fewer restrictions. Alessandro Vespignani, computer physicist, explains to Corriere della Sera: “In the US the battle will be even longer, we are in the middle of the first wave”.

09:10 Rebus voucher: the organizers of some concerts, in fact, are refunding the spectators with some bonuses for other events instead of with sums of money. The Minister of Cultural Heritage, Dario Franceschini, said: “The rationale of the rule is that the voucher is valid only for a concert by the same artist, if this is not held the spectator will be entitled to a refund. Parliament, I believe, will be able to intervene in conversion to remove any interpretative doubt about the rule”. The same question, however, concerns tourism, exhibitions, museums, swimming pool / gym subscriptions.

09:00 There are over one and a half million coronavirus infections in Latin America. According to Afp, the most affected is Brazil (800,000 cases, 40,000 deaths). The numbers of the last days are dramatic, with the contagions increasing by 35,000-50,000 units every day.

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