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The pandemic coronavirus the world is changing. follows the main updates of the day in real time.14:45 The Senate gives the green light to the decree law on urgent measures in the field of epidemiological and statistical studies on Sars-Cov-2, relating to tests. The text passed to the chamber with 135 votes in favor, 101 against and an abstention.

14:00 Not just vaccine, Walter Ricciardi (member of the WHO executive committee and advisor to the ministr of Health Hope, during the speech to ‘Agorà’ on Rai 3 He also spoke of the Lombardy situation: “We should test more and improve the tracking system because over 80% of the infections occur in the family. Factories and RSA are under control, but not the families, within which the infection spreads. A worrying fact because Covid has high contagiousness and if the outbreaks are not immediately isolated you will find yourself with 2 thousand cases in a week “.

13:00 The high representative of the EU Josep Borrell announces: “Starting from the first of July, gradual and partial revocation of the external borders”.

12.20 On June 16 Austria will open the border with Italy, but a call for caution will remain in force for Lombardy. This was announced by the Foreign Minister Alexander Schallenberg: “Today we have opened a large window towards free movement, but do not forget common sense when packing.” Vienna will reopen from Tuesday to 31 European countries, with the exception of Sweden, Great Britain, Portugal and Spain.

12:00 The president of the Republic Sergio mattarella will be present at Vo Euganeo, a town in the Padua area that was the outbreak of the coronavirus in Veneto, for the inauguration of the next school year. This is confirmed by sources of the Quirinale ad Handle.

10.30 am Walter Ricciardi, member of the executive committee of theWorld Health Organization (WHO) and adviser to Minister Speranza, spoke to ‘Agorà’ on Rai 3 on the vaccine issue against the new coronavirus: “Europe is far ahead of the United States and we are planning to have a substantial part produced in Italy. I must say with pleasure that in this case Europe is ahead of the United States, Since the vaccine that is being developed, the one that sees the University of Oxford united in collaboration with a company from Pomezia is in a more advanced phase of development than the other. If things go well in autumn-winter we could have the first doses and of course also those for Italians. Asymptomatic rarely transmit Covid? From WHO there has been an inaccurate and wrong answer. WHO must be criticized, but supported “.10:00 THEThe Italian GDP will drop by 11.3% in 2020, but the OECD raises the alarm: in the event of a second Covid-19 wave and new closings in the fall, the contraction is likely to reach 14%. According to forecasts, it will be the “worst crisis since World War II“, capable of bringing devastation to people’s health, well-being and work, and to create unprecedented uncertainty.

9:30 INPS against scams from cig: as reported by the Minister of Labor Nunzia Catalfo yesterday at ‘Zapping’ on Rai Radio, in the first four months of this year, the complaints for recourse to the layoffs without the conditions were already 2,100, almost equivalent to the 2,300 of the entire 2019

9:00 The German chancellor Angela Merkel, the French president Emmanuel Macron and four other members of the European Union sent a letter to the President of the European Commission Ursula von der Leyen to ask that the EU prepare for the next wave of the coronavirus pandemic: “We hope that the paper will serve as inspiration for further and fruitful European-level comparisons on how to ensure EU preparation for future pandemics”, he reports Handle. The chaotic response to the coronavirus pandemic, which resulted in 184,256 deaths, “raised questions” about the EU’s preparation and underlines the need for a common European approach, especially in view of a possible second wave.

8:30 The Brazil returns to provide data on Covid-19: in the last 24 hours 32,091 cases (total 739,503) and 1,272 deaths (total 38,406). The overall budget in Latin America it is 1,403,259 cases and 69,190 deaths.

8:00 Updated data on United States: in the last 24 819 deaths and 17,300 new infections, according to the Johns Hopkins University. The total number of cases rises to 1,977,085 and deaths to 111,876.

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