Coronavirus Lazio, Rt index will return above 1: Fault of new outbreaks


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L’index Rt in Lazio it will return above the safety threshold set at 1. But there is no need to worry, at least for the moment. The regional health councilor explained, Alessio D’Amato: “It was inevitable, because it is caused by the outbreaks now closed in the city of Rome. The inverse would have been serious since it meant the non-timely delimitation of all cases of outbreaks”. In other words, the two outbreaks of Rome, that of San Raffaele alla Pisana and that of Garbatella, will cause the Rt index to rise above the safety threshold in the next survey, but since the two outbreaks are now almost off, the contagion index should soon drop again below the value 1.

“Lazio is confirmed to have the best contact tracing system at national level. The number of cases for which a regular epidemiological investigation was carried out with the search for close contacts in the latest weekly survey by the Ministry of Health is 100%. A Another positive result is the marked improvement in the average time between the start date of symptoms and the date of diagnosis (buffer), which drops to just 48 hours, on a sufficiency threshold outlined in 5 days “, said D’Amato.

What does the Rt. Index measure?

The transmissibility index (Rt) measures the potential transmissibility of coronavirus infection. In practice, the index represents the average number of infections produced by each infected patient. Rt, explained the experts of the Istituto Superiore di Sanità, “is only one of the indicators that serve to define the measures to be adopted in Phase 2. The difference between the regional indices does not necessarily represent a condition for differentiating the measures following this phase The Rt value, which will be published weekly, represents an important tool for monitoring control measures over time and their effectiveness “. The new report, which will be published tomorrow, will photograph the situation in all Italian regions in the second week of June and that is when the two Roman outbreaks were still active (the San Raffaele one produced over 100 new positive cases). In total, the institute’s cluster produced 113 positive cases and 6 related deaths, but today, for example, no new related infections were found and only one was found yesterday.

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