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After the first weekend of summer in which the beaches were stormed and the nightlife dangerously challenged the prohibitions, with gatherings and absence of protective devices in both Colle Oppio and Ponte Milvio, the city tries to start again with the support of institutions to trade. It is in this sense that the decision of Mayor Raggi goes to open the Ztl of the center. The explanation is entrusted to a post.

12.30: Spallanzani Bulletin
«At this moment 78 patients are hospitalized in our institute, 29 of which are positive for Covid-19 and 49 undergoing investigations. Seven need respiratory support. 461 are dismissed or transferred home », says the Spallanzani daily bulletin.

12 noon: Concert June 2 at Spallanzani
Tomorrow, June 2 at 19, in the courtyard of the National Institute of Infectious Diseases Lazzaro Spallanzani and the concert of the international tenor, Francesco Grollo will be held. The event was organized to remember the victims of the pandemic and to pay homage to health workers involved in the health emergency for Covid-19. The President of the Republic, Sergio Mattarella, and the President of the Lazio Region, Nicola Zingaretti will be present.

11.15 am: Air traffic returns to Fiumicino
The take-off this morning, shortly after 10 am, of the Air France Af 1205 flight, with a hundred passengers on board, marks the beginning of a new phase of gradual recovery of air traffic for Fiumicino airport. Phase that will see the restoration of Alitalia’s non-stop flight between Rome and New York tomorrow, which from 3 resumes the connections to Barcelona and 4 to Madrid. By the end of the month, 78 weekly flights of Air France and Klm to Italy will be operational. “Returning to flying in the Bel Paese is a source of great pride for us and confirms the importance of the Italian market for the Air France-Klm Group. In the last few weeks we have put in place all the necessary measures to fly safely and we are ready to leave with more than 15% of our flights to and from Italy “, said Stefan Vanovermeir, general manager of Air France-Klm East Mediterranea. From Rome Fiumicino to Paris Charles de Gaulle, starting from today, up to 11 flights per week will be operational. And also from today, the group will operate one flight a day from Rome to Amsterdam.

10.30 am: Colosseum, Russo: «There are no tourists, who are 70% of the visitors»
«The park is mainly visited by an international audience, which is about 70% of the total visitors, who reached 7.5 million last year. Like all of Italy, there is serious economic damage which I believe will also be compensated by the provisions of the government which have allocated around € 100 million for the recovery of museums. We think that just for maintenance and ordinary operation, the park costs around 20 million euros per year. ” The director of the Colosseum Archaeological Park, Alfonsina Russo, said on the day of the reopening of the Park. “So the loss is 70% of visitors – he added – normally the park welcomes about 20 thousand visitors a day, now we won’t have a crowd of tourists, we welcome between 1,200 and 1,600. It is an area of ​​44 hectares. For today – said the director – we have about 300 reservations ». For Russo it is also an “opportunity for sustainable tourism compatible with the interests of Roman citizens and the city, even if we hope soon that the presence of the international public can begin again and we will welcome them with great enthusiasm”.

10.15 am: Coldiretti Lazio: “Halving local wine sales”
Wine sales in Lazio halved due to the effects of the health emergency, which led to the forced closure of restaurants, hotels, bars and pubs for over two months to stem the pandemic. A cut that could be around 50% of the sales value. The alarm was raised by Coldiretti Lazio, on the basis of the forecast of the OIV, the World Organization of Vine and Wine. According to the Coldiretti / Ixè survey, almost 4 out of 10 wineries in Italy, equal to 39%, record a sharp drop in turnover with the liquidity alarm, which puts the future of Italian wine at risk. A sector which gives rise to employment opportunities for 1.3 million people for a turnover of 11 billion. The closure of the restaurant in Italy and abroad and the sharp drop in exports, also exacerbated by logistical and disinformation difficulties, led to serious damage to a sector that last year reached 6.4 billion euros, the highest always, equal to 58% of the total turnover, with shipments of wine abroad. “It is necessary to find – says the president of Coldiretti Lazio, David Granieri – additional EU and national resources to finance any useful tool for the reduction of stocks and for the containment of the production of wine coming from the next harvest. Among the proposals we have formulated, there is also that of subsidized VAT and a tax credit for bad debts deriving from the Covid crisis -19 “.

9.45 am: Rays leaves Ztl open: “To support Romans and entrepreneurs”
“We have decided to leave the entrances to the limited traffic areas of Trastevere, Trident and Old Town deactivated until 30 August 2020. We did this to facilitate travel around the city during this delicate phase. A measure that also meets the demands of citizens and traders “. So on Facebook the mayor of Rome, Virginia Raggi. “We must support the Romans and our entrepreneurs: in fact, we have tried to facilitate the many people who work in the center and the commercial activities that, a few days ago, have raised the shutters to start again”. «In compliance with anti-covid measures, the capacity of public transport has been practically halved, for this reason we have enhanced public transport during the most critical times also with the use of private coaches and encouraged forms of alternative mobility: just a few days ago – clarifies – new electricity sharing operators have arrived in Rome. Not only that, we have designed and started construction sites to build 150 km of new transitional cycle paths ».

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