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Lazio are thinking of restarting after the hard period of the lockdown. For this reason, the Region reschedules the spending of EU funds to trigger the post-Covid recovery of companies. These are investments for businesses, schools, tourism, healthcare, agriculture and digital, to be committed by December (read the full article).

7pm: INPS, short on-site service by reservation
The INPS offices in Rome will resume service on site shortly after booking, as soon as the preparation of all the measures required by the Covid legislation has been completed, to avoid the risk of contagion and allow the safe re-opening of the branches.

16.45: Today 5 positive and zero deaths
Today we record a figure of 5 positive cases and zero deaths. In Rome, the city has two new cases: today’s bulletin of the Health Councilor of the Region Alessio D’Amato, at the end of the regional task force for Covid-19. A new positive in Fiumicino, but it is stressed that the outbreak in the municipality is under control. It is a family member of an employee of the bistro already placed in solitary confinement. The overall figure: there are 836 current positive cases in the region, of which 634 in home isolation, 189 hospitalized, 13 in intensive care. Instead, 837 patients died and 6,437 people recovered. In total 8,110 cases examined.

16.30: 161.536 serological tests in Lazio, 2.3% seroprevalence
In Lazio 161,536 serological tests were performed, with a percentage of seroprevalence of 2.3%: the Region made it known, through social channels, specifying that only 0.18% tested positive for the molecular test with buffer, i.e. a positive to the swab every 544 positive to the seroprevalence test.

4 pm: in Lazio 480 by 2020 school building interventions
We have € 77 million for interventions in progress, financed with Miur resources and the Bei mortgage. In addition, and 193.5 million jobs starting within the second half of 2020: there are 480 construction sites: words of the Lazio Region Councilor for Public Works Mauro Alessandri, during the extraordinary regional Council on school construction. By the first half of 2021 – he explained – 122 million interventions will be activated and implemented in 54 schools. The priority goes to seismic adjustment.

2.30 pm: Fiumicino gate reopens
From 1 July, in conjunction with the progressive reopening of the extra-Schengen international borders, the boarding area E of the Fiumicino airport will be operational, closed on 27 March due to the multiple cancellations of flights to and from Italy due to the effect of the Covid-19 emergency.

1.30 pm: Psychological assistance to Covid patients
To promote the culture of safety and prevention, the objective of collaboration between the Ania Foundation (National Association of insurance companies) and the Bambino Ges non-profit foundation, which continues with a new publication of “A scuola di salute”. The special issue of the magazine edited by the Institute for the Health of the Child Ges, presents the projects of the ANIA Foundation dedicated to psychological support for victims of Covid-19, road accidents and pathological players, together with insights from psychologists and psychiatrists of the pediatric hospital on post-traumatic stress disorder and gambling addiction.

12.30: Spallanzani Bulletin
At the moment 97 patients are admitted to our Institute. Of these, 46 are positive for Sars-CoV 2 research buffer, while 51 are investigated. So we read in the medical bulletin issued today by Spallanzani. The Roman hospital states that 4 patients need intensive care and that 492 patients are discharged and transferred to their homes or to other territorial structures.

11.30: Roman summer post Covid: in the courtyards and windows
The Roman summer comes back to life in the Ater complexes with a special comic show inside the courtyards and under the windows of the public building buildings: 15 live shows in as many symbolic places on the outskirts of Rome. From tomorrow 1st July to Sunday 9th August, the Lazio Region is promoting the event Affacciati alla finestra, with free cabaret, stand-up and variety events held by national level artists, who will perform in the gardens of the popular lots from Pietralata to Ottavia, passing through Corviale, Trullo, Garbatella, Tufello, Laurentino, Valmelaina, Tor Pignattara, Vigne Nuove, Tor Bella Monaca, La Rustica and Tiburtino III, up to Torrevecchia and Prima Porta. This initiative aims to support the live show, a sector hard hit by the lockdown linked to the health emergency, and to enhance the residential building complexes, which can once again become social and sharing places in full compliance with Covid-19 prescriptions. for a season of safe laughter. In fact, seats will be set up in the stalls only for residents who would have a bad view of the stage from their windows, while all the others will be able to watch from the balconies, windows and balconies of their apartments. The comedians already known for their participation in Zelig, Seven Show and Made in Sud will perform. Among others, Alessandro Serra, Geppo, Nino Taranto, Stefano Vigilante and Paolo Pesce Nanna, “I sequestratori” and Sergio Viglianese.

June 30, 2020 | 14:06


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