Coronavirus Lazio, industrial leader in the region: “States General? A brain storming “


Filippo Tortoriello said: “It would take a stroke of oars, strong, to start again, but time passes, the problems are exacerbated, and there are no adequate solutions”
“Calling them States General (WHAT I AM) is excessive. Some have called it a catwalk, but I would say” brain storming “: everyone goes there and exhibits”. This was stated by the leader of the Lazio industrialists, Filippo Tortoriello (president of Unindustria, the second largest territorial association of Confindustria), interviewed by Ansa (THE COMMENT OF THE MAYOR OF MILAN GIUSEPPE SALA).

Tortoriello: “Time passes and there are no adequate solutions”


Coronavirus, what are the General States wanted by Prime Minister Conte

Tortoriello continued: “Do you realize what drama our country is experiencing? It would take a strong stroke of oars to start again, but time passes, the problems worsen, and there are no adequate solutions”. Waiting for years of reforms, today, with the Covid-19 (ALL UPDATESTHE SITUATION IN LAZIO), the leader of the industrialists of Lazio said: “We arrived in 2020 in a dramatic situation and the prime minister says that perhaps in August.” Maybe “. But is it normal? For measures on infrastructure he talks about July, about August, September. Here we are not aware of the dramatic situation. ”

“Do you realize what drama the country is experiencing?”

Tortoriello lives daily fears and concerns of the Lazio industrialists. It would serve, he says, “true, effective planning”. And he adds; “Do you realize what drama our country is experiencing? Do you realize what the fall in GDP will be in 2020? Do you realize that recovering will be a superhuman effort? It is an effort that requires determination, a political will strong, clear, transparent “.

“Confindustria is not looking for the clash”

On the role of the industrialists, on the pressing of the president of Confindustria, Carlo Bonomi and on the government, Tortoriello says that “Confindustria is not looking for the clash. The problem is that we must clearly highlight the facts, without hiding, that a frank comparison is needed, open and constructive. This is the objective. We have a strong objective, which is to make our country grow, return it to the glories it deserves. We need a capacity for political governance that lives up to these objectives, which is a vision of the country and that there is true planning, that real problems are faced “.

The alarm for employment

The alarm is also worrying for the occupation: “The risk is for September when the layoffs will be released. The action of the Government? The States-General. Even for the ‘Colao plan’ no guidelines had been given to develop proposals. He made a list of absolutely shareable things. ” But there is a plan for the country, Tortoriello said: “I believe that the Governor of the Bank of Italy gave the important, significant, strong, true trace: it is a base on which to start and on which to set a real, strong, severe planning, to be presented also to Europe to say ‘we will do this, we will do it in these times and with these economic needs, ready from time to time to inform you on how the reforms are progressing “. Meanwhile, he warned, “in September we will have a highly worrying scenario and we are faced with declarations of goodwill” by the Government: “The objectives of the decrees were acceptable but the implementation was absolutely inadequate”.

Tortoriello: “‘relaunch’ decree, but I don’t know what”

Tortoriello, speaking of the latest “relaunch” decree, said: “I do not know what relaunch. Only sismabonus and ecobonus can be considered to stimulate the economy but there must also be implementing decrees there. They want to also define the materials to be used , once again becomes a complicated, cumbersome path. It always starts from an axiom: that there is an incorrect behavior of the Italian citizens. We have to change this logic. We are in a scenario where we must always prove that we are innocent, and This is absolutely not a good thing. Clear rules are needed. The relaunch refers to ninety laws, even to a royal decree of 1910. You open it, you read it, do you understand something? We have an incredible sense of frustration. ”

“Great statements, then problems are not taken into account”

Seen from the business world, concluded Tortoriello, “these dynamics that are characterizing this government phase all move on the basis of great declarations then in reality the problems are not taken into account well. We move without taking into account everything that can hinder the achievement of the objectives. We see difficulties in accessing those forms of financing for the liquidity emergency, which is then debt. The IGC has difficulty in being paid. And we also listen to statements by the president of INPS which are embarrassing compared to the business system ” .

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