Coronavirus, latest data. The curve still slows down: only 202 cases. Zero deaths in 10 regions


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The currently positive drops of 1,165 units, while there are 1,293 healings. In Lombardy 49% of the new sick The number of outbreaks in Rome rises to 68

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The currently positive drops of 1,165 units, while there are 1,293 healings. In Lombardy 49% of the new sick The number of outbreaks in Rome rises to 68

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There are 202 cases of new coronavirus infection in Italy at 5pm on Wednesday 10 June, for a total of 235,763 sick since the start of the pandemic (+ 0.08% in one day). The currently positive ones stood at 31,710, down 1,162 in 24 hours (-3.53%), thanks to 1,293 healed (+ 0.76% compared to the previous day) which brought the total to 169,939. There have been 71 deaths in the last 24 hours and bring the overall figure recorded since the beginning of the epidemic to 34,114 (+ 0.2% in one day). This is the picture that emerges from the daily data of the Civil Protection. And the positive news this time is not lacking: in ten regions there are no deaths.

At this time, at national level, there are 4,320 hospitalized with symptoms, down 261 units in 24 hours (-5.69%) of which 249 in intensive care, or 14 less in a day, while patients in isolation home care amounted to 27,141 and fell 3.16% compared to Tuesday. Today’s findings are based on 62,699 swabs made against the 55,003 of the previous day.

In Lombardy 49% of new cases

Lombardy, with 99 new cases, 49% of the national total, remains the epicenter of the health crisis. However, the number of new positives in all the provinces is falling. There are 27 in Milan (for a total of 23,510) of which ten in Milan city (where there have been 9,984 epidemics since the beginning of the epidemic), 12 in Brescia and ten in Bergamo, but no case was registered in Sondrio.

Piedmont, cases go back

The data of the coronavirus epidemic in Piedmont date back. The regional crisis unit, in the usual bulletin, announced that there have been 15 deaths in the last 24 hours, of which only two related to Wednesday, and 26 infections. The toll since the beginning of the pandemic is therefore 3,976 deaths and 30,916 infections. The healed increase, 329 more than on Tuesday for a total of 21,161, with 2,407 other patients on the mend. On the previous day seven deaths had been reported, none of which related to June 9, and 21 infections. On the other hand, inpatients in intensive care continue to decline, four fewer than on Tuesdays for a total of 35. Inpatients who are not in intensive care also decreased, 564, or 35 less than on 9 June. There are 2,773 people in home isolation. The diagnostic swabs processed so far are 353,737, of which 195,772 were negative.


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Veneto, another day without death

The coronavirus deaths in Veneto remain 1,961, unchanged compared to Tuesday afternoon and there are currently 15 ICU patients, none of whom are positive. The bulletin of the last 24 hours, presented by the president of Veneto, Luca Zaia, confirms the positive trend of the epidemic trend in the region. The swabs carried out are 772,767 (+10,669), the positive 19,194 (+3), the people in isolation 878 (20 more tied, explained Zaia, “to participation in a wedding in Bologna”). Inpatients drop to 300, -5, of which 66 are positive, and the number of those discharged increase (3,464, +5).

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