Coronavirus, latest data: 393 other infections (69% in Lombardy) and 56 deaths


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According to the Civil Protection, the current positives are 28,997, while the healed of the last 24 hours are 1,747. Sixteen regions with less than 10 cases

Hope: the epidemic is not over, the virus continues to circulate

According to the Civil Protection, the current positives are 28,997, while the healed of the last 24 hours are 1,747. Sixteen regions with less than 10 cases

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There are 393 new cases of coronavirus positivity at 17 on Friday 12 June and bring the total, since the start of the pandemic, to 236,305 (+ 0.166%). The currently positive results are 28,997, or 1,640 less in the last 24 hours (-5.35%). In the last 24 hours there are 56 deaths as a result of which the total rises to 34,223 (+ 0.16%). The healed are 1,747 and bring the total figure, from February to this time, to 173,085 (+ 1.01%). This is the picture that emerges from the data of the daily report of the Civil Protection.

The recount of Campania

The recalculation of the Campania region weighs on the overall figures, subtracting 230 units from the total since the beginning of the epidemic. The reporting of a positive case in the last 24 hours brings today’s regional update to -229. The discrepancy in the final sum is linked to this datum from Campania. Net of the recount of Campania, the new daily cases drop to 163 (+ 0.07%).

In Lombardy 272 new cases

At the moment there are 3,893 patients hospitalized with symptoms (238 less day by day, -5,7%) of which 227 in intensive care, that is nine less in comparison with Thursday. On the other hand, there are 24,887 sick people in home isolation (-5.26%). Lombardy, with 272 new cases (69% of the total), remains the epicenter of the health crisis. Emilia Romagna (+33), Piedmont (+31) and Lazio (+27) follow. Sixteen regions have fewer than ten new cases, seven even zero (Veneto, Sicily, Umbria, Valle d’Aosta, Calabria, Molise and Basilicata).

Rome outbreak, another 16 positive

Another 16 positive cases attributable to the San Raffaele-Pisana cluster in Rome. Asl Roma 3 learns that “from the control swabs performed, five days after the first session, 16 other positive cases emerged at the IRCCS San Raffaele Pisana: of these 14 are patients, all connected with the first positive patients in the structure, and two are operators “, reports the Covid-19 Crisis Unit of the Lazio region. “The patients are all transferring to the Spallanzani Institute and the San Raffaele structure has been given a mandate to promptly communicate information to family members. The two positive employees are an obs and a physiotherapist in home surveillance “, continues the note from the Crisis Unit. «It was possible to identify these new positives thanks to the control swabs, performed five days after the first swabs, to all the patients and operators remaining in the facility. This outbreak proves challenging, but the double-checking system is working, thanks to the timeliness of the interventions put in place, these new cases have been identified which were negative to the previous swabs. Thus, the outbreak now reaches a total of 93 positive cases destined to increase ».


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Veneto, zero infections and three deaths

The number of infections in the last 24 hours in Veneto marks zero: from the updated regional bulletin, coronavirus cases remain stationary at 19,199, the same figure on Thursday. Currently positive cases drop, which are 849, 73 less than in the previous 24 hours. The deaths are three more and bring the total since the beginning of the pandemic to 1,967. There were 16,383 positives (+70). 287 (-12) hospitalized in non-critical area, of which 49 (-3) are positive for Covid-19. Intensive care hosts 13 patients (-1), but with no positive.

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