Coronavirus, latest data: 174 new cases and 22 deaths in Italy


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The currently positive ones drop by 0.9%, hospitalized with symptoms down by 7.9%. Compared to Saturday, one more person in intensive care. Eight regions without contagions

Coronavirus, the rules and prohibitions still in force

The currently positive ones drop by 0.9%, hospitalized with symptoms down by 7.9%. Compared to Saturday, one more person in intensive care. Eight regions without contagions

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There are 240,310 total cases of coronavirus at 17 on Sunday 28 June, an increase of 174 units compared to the previous day (+ 0.07%). In the last 24 hours, 22 deaths have occurred, bringing the total since the beginning of the pandemic to 34,738 (+ 0.06%). On the other hand, 307 people recovered on the last day, for a day-to-day increase of 0.16%. At the moment there are 16,681 currently positive (-0.92%). There are 1,160 inpatients with symptoms (-7.93%), of whom 98 in intensive care, one more than on Saturday. Then there are 15,423 people in home isolation (-0.36%). This is the picture that emerges from the data of the daily report of the Ministry of Health, prepared on the basis of 34,346 swabs carried out, compared to 61,351 of the previous day.

In Lombardy 97 new cases and 13 deaths

In Lombardy, the epicenter of the epidemic, 97 new cases are located, 55.7% of the national total. Followed by Emilia Romagna (21), Piedmont (14), Lazio (14), Veneto (11), Tuscany (5), Liguria (4), Trentino (4), Friuli Venezia Giulia, Calabria and Sardinia, each with a single case . Without new infections the remaining eight regions. Thirteen Lombard deaths counted in the last 24 hours. The positive / buffer ratio rose to 1.19%, compared to 0.80% the previous day.


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Emilia Romagna, the new cases are 21. One dead

The balance of the last 24 hours in Emilia Romagna is 21 new cases of coronavirus and one death in the Bolognese area. Of the new positives, found with 3,421 swabs, 16 are asymptomatic and only four have been registered in the province of Bologna where in recent days there had been some outbreaks, including that at the Bartolini logistics center. In the face of 19 new healings, the number of active cases increases by one unit, reaching 1,042. Intensive care patients (12, one more on Saturday) and those hospitalized in other Covid wards, 108 (+2), grew slightly.


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Lazio, 14 positive but zero deaths

«Today we record a figure of 14 positive cases and zero deaths. In Rome city there are 6 new cases. In the ASL Roma 3 the outbreak in Fiumicino is under control ». This was communicated by the Lazio Regional Councilor for Health Alessio D’Amato. “At the moment they are not positive among the customers of the two catering businesses,” added the commissioner. “Over 1,100 swabs were made at the drive-in in Casal Bernocchi for the epidemiological investigation and I want to thank the operators for the extraordinary work done in the last 48 hours. In the ASL Roma 6 today “7 new positive cases are recorded, all referable to a family cluster already known for two other cases that can be considered limited to the close family context between Anzio and Ardea”. The Covid 19 Crisis Unit of the Lazio Region reports. For this reason, “epidemiological investigation and contact tracing” are currently underway.

Veneto, only five cases

Only five new cases of coronavirus positivity have been registered in Veneto, where there was no victim compared to Saturday. This was reported by the Region’s daily bulletin. The total number of infected people thus rises to 19,275, the number of deaths (between hospitals and rest homes) remains stationary at 2,007. Inpatients in normal Covid wards drop by one unit (186), while the number of patients in intensive care remains stable, 11. The current positives are 460, while those recovered since the start of the pandemic are 16,807.

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