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Rome, June 25, 2020 – New bulletin on the trend of Coronavirus in Italy, this time distributed directly by the Ministry of Health and not by Civil protection. The number of contagions for the appearance of new outbreaks. The main ones are a Mondragone (Caserta), where a red zone was established and the Army also arrived, and a Bologna, where all courier employees were subjected to the swab Bertolini. TO Genoa then an outbreak developed in an RSA: there are 12 postives. Meanwhile, the WHO is raising the alarm on the rise of cases in Europe. in USA instead 36 thousand cases were registered in 24 hours, a record since the end of April, but Trump cuts federal funds to 13 sites where tests are carried out.

The budget of 25 June

The epidemic curve with i is growing new cases who jumped from 190 yesterday to 296 of today. Mainly due to the doubling in Lombardy (passed from 88 cases yesterday to 170 today) and to higher numbers than the average in Emilia Romagna and Campania due to outbreaks in Bologna and Mondragone. The total of cases since the beginning of the epidemic it rises to 239706. THE deaths have increased by 34 units compared to yesterday, but the Marche region after a recalculation has subtracted 3 deaths previously reported, so in fact in 24 hours the victims are 37, against 30 yesterday. The total number of victims is 34,678. The healed are 614 in one day, against 1,526 yesterday, for a total of 186,725. As a result of these data, the number of currently positive ones fell less than usual, falling by 352 to 18,303. The drop in hospitalizations continues, but slows down: less 95 in the ordinary regime (1,515 in total) and less 4 intensive care, down to 103. 16,685 patients in home isolation. Finally, 56,061 swabs were made against 53,266 yesterday.

All data from the regions


In Lombardy, the region most affected by Coronavirus, 170 new cases of coronavirus have been recorded in the last 24 hours, 57.4% of the national total of 296. In addition, there are also 22 deaths out of 34 per day throughout Italy.

Emilia Romagna

There are 47 new confirmed cases of Covid in Emilia Romagna, which bring the total to 28,351. Of these, 39 are asymptomatic, 37 concern the province of Bologna alone and 30, in particular, the outbreak isolated from the Bartolini company. However, the data released by the Region are updated at 12, while the latest survey shows that the number of positives in the capital has already reached 60. Four new deaths, while the total number of victims is 4,249. According to data updated at 12 and released by the Region, 7,838 new swabs were made in one day. Active cases continue to decline, namely the number of actual patients, which today are 1,068. And the inpatients also drop; there are eleven in intensive care (one less than yesterday), 114 in the other Covid departments (-3).


I’m 14 new positive cases to Coronavirus in Liguria reported in the daily bulletin issued by the task force of the Region. Of these, 12 have been registered in a Genoese RSA. In total, the tests carried out since the beginning of the emergency are 141,472, +1,562 in the last 24 hours. There are 57 hospitalized in Liguria, 3 fewer than yesterday, 1 still in intensive care. The deaths recorded since the beginning of the emergency are 1556.

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