Coronavirus, ISS-Ministry monitoring: “Low criticality, but slight increase in cases”. Lazio overtakes Lombardy with Rt 1.12


The criticality remains low even if a slight increase in cases has been recorded.

And in the ranking of regions based on the Rt index, Lazio exceeds Lombardy. The report on the monitoring of the Sars Cov 2 epidemic in Italy of the Higher Institute of Health and the Ministry of Health with the data of the regions refers to the period from 8 to 14 June and does not differ much from that of the previous week. “In some regional realities, it continues to be reported a high number of new cases of infection from Sars Cov 2. This should call for caution as it indicates that virus circulation is still relevant in some parts of the country. Across the Peninsula – document continues – new cases of infection were diagnosed in the current monitoring week, with cases increasing compared to the previous week of monitoring in various Regions and autonomous provinces.

Rt is less than 1 at national level and almost in all autonomous regions and provinces.

“Although this feedback may be partly attributable to the intense screening and investigation of cases with identification and monitoring of close contacts – the document continues – these signs should not be underestimated as they highlight how the Covid-19 epidemic in Italy is not concluded and how the epidemiological situation is extremely fluid“. And again: “It is essential to keep the attention high and continue to strengthen the activities of”testing-tracing-tracking“To identify all potential transmission outbreaks early and continue to control the epidemic. It is also essential to keep the general population’s awareness of the fluidity of the epidemiological situation and the importance of continuing to rigorously comply with all the necessary measures to reduce the risk of transmission such as individual hygiene and physical distancing“.

According to the Phase 2 report, “lockdown measures in Italy have effectively allowed control of Sars CoV 2 infection on the national territory,

even in a context of persistent widespread transmission of the virus, with very different incidence in the 21 Regions and autonomous provinces“. The situation according to the data of the document, mainly relating to the second phase of transition, “is overall positive, but with some warning signs related to the transmission“. And it is therefore indicated to “keep the resilience of local services high in order to continue promoting awareness and compliance of the population, carry out active research and diagnostic assessment of potential cases, isolation of confirmed cases, quarantine of their close contacts. These actions are fundamental – the report concludes – to control the transmission and eventually identify and deal with epidemic outbreaks quickly “.

The Lazio he leads the contagion ranking: the Rt index has gone up to 1.12 higher than that of Lombardy which stands at 0.82. There Lombardy is down compared to the previous week, but always on top together with the Liguria in the ranking of the Italian regions with the highest RT.

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