Coronavirus “is shutting down”: the harsh reply of Crisanti


    <h2>Crisanti denied the results of a research presented yesterday on the "infectious" positives in Veneto</h2>


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    <p>Second <strong>Andrea Crisanti</strong> the coronavirus "is not shutting down". The director of the Department of Microbiology and Virology of Padua spoke on Corriere Veneto to cut off the investigation into the results of the swabs carried out by the Region and presented yesterday by colleague Roberto Rigoli.

“There is a signal that the virus is dying out,” the microbiology chief in Treviso said yesterday, Roberto Rigoli, coordinator of the Veneto laboratories, illustrating the preliminary results of the analysis on 60 thousand Coronavirus swabs performed in Veneto since the beginning of June, conducted by four out of 14 laboratories in the region.

“Of the 60 thousand swabs – he added, as reported by Ansa – 210 are positive, there are also some reposted in between, of these 199 are almost certainly not infectious, and only 11 positive infants as at the beginning of the epidemic “.

It lasts there Crisanti replica: “Who speaks of the infectivity of this virus he doesn’t know what he says, because infectivity is measured experimentally and no experiment is possible on humans and there is no animal model. Without numbers and without measure it is not science, they are just talk. ”

“Since it is not possible to experiment with human infectivity – explained Crisanti -, nobody knows what the infectious dose of this virus is and there is nothing to comment on: you cannot comment with a scientific topic on something that is not Science “.

VIRGILIO NEWS | 21-06-2020 13:30

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