Coronavirus is not over in Puglia: 3 victims and 4 new cases. But the positives are now less than a thousand


Currently positive below 1,000, but still cases in our region. According to the data of the Region on coronavirus there are 4 new positives in Puglia and 2,543 swabs made in the bulletin of 4 June (a ratio equal to 0.16%, but comparing the new cases to the total swabs in which the control swabs are also included) .Total healers are still growing up to the current 3,022 in total (+70 compared to yesterday). Another 3 deaths (instead bring the death toll to 514. The currently positive (total cases less cured and deceased) go to 967 compared to 1,051 yesterday.

One less case among the total inpatients who reach 140 today. While geographically speaking, 2 of the 4 new positives come from the province of Lecce, 1 from the province of Bari and 1 from the province of Brindisi.

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