Coronavirus, Irene Pivetti: “Now I sell the masks abroad”


“No, I no longer import masks in Italy, I can’t because they block all of them, no matter how perfect they are, they block them on one pretext or another. I actually have 15 million masks already paid in China, now I’m selling them abroad, in other European countries that need them. ” This was stated by former President of the Chamber of Deputies Irene Pivetti, now an entrepreneur, in an interview on Telelombardia.

Investigations have been launched in Rome on the company ‘Only Logistics Italia’ of Pivetti, transferred to Milan on an accrual basis, Savona and Syracuse.

‚ÄúThese masks are fine and in other countries they have not seized them. The bureaucratic tangle is here in Italy – said Irene Pivetti answering the questions of the journalist Marco Oliva -. Those same masks that go well abroad would also go well in Italy if someone who is not called Pivetti cares. “

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