Coronavirus in the world: the news of June 4


There are more than 6 million and 500 thousand cases of contagion from Coronavirus in the world. According to data from the Johns Hopkins University, the number of victims exceeded 387 thousand. The United States continues to be the country most affected by the epidemic with almost 1 million 900 thousand infections, followed by Brazil, Russia and the United Kingdom. Italy is third in terms of deaths with more than 33,000 victims, behind the United Kingdom (39,987) and the United States (107,685).

The study that advised against hydrochloroquine against Covid-19 is deflated

Three of the four authors of the study published on May 22 by the scientific journal Lancet who raised concerns about the use of hydrochloroquine in curing Covid-19 withdrew their participation in the study itself, which concluded that hydroxychloroquine not only had no beneficial effects, but could be harmful. The reason they adduced was the impossibility of “guaranteeing the truthfulness of the sources”. To communicate it is the magazine itself. Sapan Desai, the fourth author responsible for the Surgisphere company that provided the data, did not retract.

The World Health Organization had stopped testing with hydroxychloroquine at the end of May precisely as a result of the study published in The Lancet: now it has resumed them, explains general manager Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus, at a press conference in Geneva. According to what he claimed before retracting the lead author of the research, Professor Mandeep Mehra, the report came to the conclusion that the use of hydroxychloroquine increases mortality in Covid-19 patients. Since then, however, doubts about the study have increased and culminated in a letter written on May 29 by 120 researchers from all over the world to the publisher of Lancet which questioned the validity of the publication because “data” had been used in the study. from a Chicago company, Surgisphere. One company of which Sapan Desai – the only one who has not retracted – is the chief executive officer. And whose employees – rebuilds the Guardian – seem to include a science fiction writer and an escort.



AFP / Bertrand Guay | The sunset seen from Pont des Arts on the Seine, in Paris, France, 31 May 2020

France wants the reopening of the external borders of the Schengen area, closed due to the Coronavirus pandemic, from 1 July. The proposal, according to the Bfm broadcaster, will be brought to the meeting of tomorrow’s European interior ministers by videoconference. Paris would like to resolve it tomorrow and hopes that the decision will be taken directly during the meeting, in any case avoiding the confusion surrounding the decision to close the borders of the Schengen area.

For the Elysée all borders between European countries must also be reopened from 15 June. Paris does not want any European country to impose quarantine on other incoming European citizens. But it intends to adopt reciprocity: that is, it will only impose quarantine on people from countries that impose it on the French, such as Spain or Great Britain.

European alliance for vaccine

EPA / Daniel Irungu

They will not agree on the aid that the EU should allocate to the countries affected by Covid, but they still manage to collaborate. We are talking about Italy and the Netherlands, which together with Germany and France have formed an alliance to negotiate with potential producers and pharmaceutical companies in such a way as to allow the production on the European territory of an anti-Coronavirus vaccine. In the meantime, in the UK, the virtual summit organized by Prime Minister Boris Johnson to raise funds for the vaccine, has managed to exceed the set target: in total another 8.8 billion dollars have been raised.


EPA / Kim Ludbrook | A street food vendor in Johannesburg, South Africa, June 1 2020.

According to the BBC, the African Union (UA) has launched an initiative to increase the detection of Covid-19 on the African continent. The goal is to reach 10 million tests in the next three or four months, or almost 1% of the African population. At present, more than 160 thousand infections and 4,600 deaths are confirmed on the continent. But according to experts many cases may not be reported due to the low number of tests done. The African Center for Disease Control and Prevention (Africa Cdc) says that 2.4 million tests have been conducted to date.

Swabs are partly lacking because there is a shortage worldwide, but a new continental AU pool will guarantee each African country equal access to supplies.


EPA /Knessete, Israeli Parliament

A positive Coronavirus case has been reported in the Israeli Parliament. The Knesset was therefore closed after United Arab List MP Sami Abu Shehadeh announced that he was infected. All the meetings of the various commissions of the assembly were therefore postponed to a new date and employees were told not to go to work. In the last few days, after the end of the lockdown, there has been a resurgence of the virus in Israel, especially in schools.



The 440,000 cases of Coronaviruses in Russians have exceededto. According to the latest data provided by the anti-Covid operations center, 8,831 new cases have been recorded in the last 24 hours. 169 died during the last day, for a total balance of 5,384.

Latin America

EPA / Fernando Bizerra /

The growth of infections in Latin America does not stop. In the last 24 hours, 46 thousand new cases have been recorded for a total balance that has reached 1,136,034, reports theHandle. The victims are instead 56.426, plus 2 thousand in the last day. The most affected country remains Brazil with 584,016 infected, or half of those in the whole region, and 32,548 dead. Mexico has recorded 1,092 deaths in 24 hours, never so many since the beginning of the epidemic. The total number of deaths in the country rises to 11,700. Total infections are 101,238, +3,912 in 24 hours.


Brazil recorded a record number of deaths yesterday for the second consecutive day: 1,349 died in 24 hours, a balance that brings the total to 32,548. Also yesterday, reports the CNN, 28,633 new cases were detected, for a total of 584,016 infections.


EPA / YFC CHINA OUT /Wuhan, China

China reopens its air traffic. Beijing has decided to allow several foreign airlines to resume incoming flights, thereby removing the ban on US airlines. The move by the Civil Aviation Administration of China comes in the aftermath of the American threat to block operations to 4 Beijing carriers. The companies excluded from the previous plan on flights, reads a note, “will be able to make an international connection per passenger per week to a single city starting from 8 June”.

South Korea


There South Korea has recorded 39 new Coronavirus cases in the Seoul metropolitan area. According to the press agency ap, the total number of infections came to 11,629 with 273 deaths. The recovery balance is 10,499 while 857 are still under treatment.

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