Coronavirus in the world: the news of June 19


The people infected with Coronavirus in the world are 8464739, 453289 the dead. The United States remains the country most affected with 2189056 cases, follow Brazil (978142) and Russia (560321). While in the number of deaths, after the USA and Brazil, the United Kingdom is the worst hit with 42,373 victims, according to data from John Hopkins University.


Ansa | New York

In the United States 118,000 victims have been exceeded, the cases of contagion are 2,189,056. In the last 24 hours, 687 other people have died in the country. Texas and Florida are considered the new epicenters of the epidemic in the United States. In the last 24 hours 3,516 new cases have been recorded in Texas and 3,207 in Florida, never so many.

New York, on the other hand, is preparing for Phase 2. From Monday 22nd, shops, restaurants and other activities should reopen. Governor Andrew Cuomo and Mayor Bill de Blasio’s approval is expected today. Controversy continues over Donald Trump’s decision not to postpone the rally in Tulsa, Oklahoma. The president himself admitted, according to reports from the news agency Handle, that “a small percentage of supporters” could get infected. In fact, at least 100 thousand people are expected at the rally. Currently 1,825 people are infected in the city.

Latin America

Ansa | Protests against Bolsonaro in Brazil

In Latin America, the number of infections has risen to 1,871,972 in the last 24 hours and the deaths to 88,823. It is when it emerges from a reworking of the news agency Handle. The worst affected country remains Brazil with 978,142 cases and 47,748 deaths. Peru (244,388 cases and 7,461 deaths) and Chile (225,103 cases and 3,841 deaths) follow.

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