Coronavirus in the world: infections, updates and all the news on the situation


The world has reached two symbolic thresholds: over half a million deaths and ten million cases. But the alarm is still very high, especially in the United States and Latin America, as well as in some large Asian countries such as India and Pakistan


Coronavirus, Fauci’s alarm: “The United States has a serious problem. Openings, perhaps, premature”

Usa, from California to Arizona, she rushed to close the premises
Arizona announces the closure of bars, gyms, cinemas and water parks due to the escalation of coronavirus infections that is affecting the state. Governor Dough Ducey announced this by signing the executive order that will remain in effect for at least 30 days. Georgia Governor Brian Kemp also signed two executive orders to extend the state of emergency until August 11 and extend restrictive measures to limit contagions. Kemp confirmed the order to respect the social distancing, the ban on aggregation with more than 50 people and the sanitary measures for commercial establishments. San Diego County, California has also ordered the temporary closure of bars, breweries and wine bars to counter the spread of the virus.

After Miami Beach, Los Angeles announces the closure of the beaches for the Independence Day weekend, from 3 to 6 July. The decision was announced via Twitter by local authorities. Texas bars are protesting that they have decided to sue the new closure decided by Governor Greg Abbott to counter the spread of the virus. The appeal was filed in Austin, Houston and Galveston. The appeal contested the fact that the closing order only concerned bars, not for example barbers or tattoo centers. Finally, the governor of Nevada, Steve Sisolak, is also holding back on the reopening of the surge in infections that is affecting the southern states of the United States. Sisolak signed an executive order to extend phase two on reopenings to the end of July due to the upward trend of the infection. In Michigan, crowds in an East Lansing bar involved at least 85 people in one go.Another 130 cases have been linked to four Minnesota bars. The governor of New York, Andrew Cuomo, also said he was considering a slip for the reopening of restaurants as well as the governor of New Jersey, Phil Murphy, although the contagions in these two American states are on the decline. In Georgia, the state of emergency and restrictions have been extended until 11 August.

In winning the battle against Covid-19, washing your hands and staying apart could prove to be just as important as the vaccine: the European Health Organization manager is convinced of this, remembering first of all that it is not said that the vaccine is in time short. According to Hans Kluge, it is “possible” that a vaccine will be ready within a year, but it is not said. “Everyone thinks the vaccine is a panacea,” said the Daily Mail interviewee. “First of all we don’t know if a vaccine will work in all age groups. And nobody knows (when it will be ready). My dream would be in a year: it is possible but it is also very likely that it will not be in a year. And then everyone talks about it as if it were a magic wand. Absolutely not: a hundred years ago we had Spanish influence; and what was the best strategy? The same as now: washing your hands and keeping your distance. “

Latin America, cases grow but with less force

The growth of the coronavirus pandemic curve in Latin America is always clear, but with signs in the last two days of lesser force both for the infections, now 2,530,106 (+45,474), and for the dead, which are 113,689 ( +1755). This is what emerges from a statistical elaboration carried out by ANSA on the official data of the last 24 hours of 34 between Latin American nations and territories. Brazil, the first country in Latin America and the second in the world for infections and deaths, foreshadows this moderation with an increase of 24,052 cases, after 30,476 yesterday, for a total of 1,368,195. The same is true for deaths, which rose to 113,689, after yesterday’s +552 and today’s +692, which is figures well below the average of the past few weeks. Peru (282,365 and 9,504) and Chile (275,999 and 5,575) follow, and then other countries with more than 30,000 infections: Mexico (220,657 and 27,121), Colombia (95,043 and 3,223), Ecuador (55,665 and 4,502), Argentina (62,268 and 1,280), the Dominican Republic (31,816 and 726), Panama (31,686 and 604) and Bolivia (31,524 and 1,014).

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