Coronavirus in the world: infections, updates and all the news on the situation


Nearly nine million infections worldwide, 8,809,872 according to updated data from Johns Hopkins University (at 2pm). The confirmed victims are 464,752. The United States always first, the most affected but the pandemic does not stop even in Brazil, which follows closely. The victims are now almost 50 thousand (49-976), with a jump of 1,022 new deaths recorded in the last 24 hours. The infected are 1,032,913. According to experts, however, the real numbers would be much higher, because in Brazil the tests are not done in a capillary way. In Europe, where the virus has slowed down, the toll is 2.5 million people infected and more than 192 thousand deaths.

Usa, another 568 deaths. Every day 30 thousand new infections

It is the tenth day when the daily death toll is less than a thousand in the United States, although they remain the country most affected by the pandemic with 119,719 deaths out of 2,255,119 official infections. About 20 U.S. states have recently seen a rebound in infections, while the disease’s epicenter in the country has moved from New York and the northeast to the south and west. There are fears of a second wave of Covid 19, after the reopening of various states and with the massive rallies against police violence and racism that have taken place in the United States in recent weeks. Even the election rally of President Donald Trump in Tulsa, Oklahoma, the first since the start of the crisis has been accused of promoting the spread of the virus.


A child’s joke: TikTok and an army of K-pop fans behind Trump’s flop in Tulsa

Brazil, the mayor of Rio suspends the carioca championship

The mayor of Rio de Janeiro has suspended the Rio State football championship, the first to resume in a South America heavily affected by the pandemic. With a decree published in the city’s Official Gazette, the first citizen Marcelo Crivella ordered the suspension of all sporting competitions in the Brazilian megalopolis until 25 June.

Coronavirus in the world: Brazil touches 50,000 victims, in Rio the mayor stops the championship

Crowd on the beach in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

The Carioca championship, which compares professional teams from the state of Rio de Janeiro, resumed with games behind closed doors Thursday and Friday, provoking the opposition of several clubs, including Fluminense and Botafogo, who brought the matter to court and asked for their suspension. The two clubs had not even resumed training when the competition was relaunched, and the Rio State Federation threatened them with a losing streak if they refused to play. On Thursday, the first game between Flamengo and Bangu was played at the Maracana where there is a field hospital for Covid 19 patients.

25 new cases in China, including 22 in Beijing

There are 26 new cases of coronavirus registered in the last 24 hours in China, one less than those of the previous day. Twenty-two concern Beijing. The capital, which has over 20 million inhabitants, took its first case on 11 June and the outbreak is linked to a food market. So far, there have been 93,378 confirmed Covid cases in the country.

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