Coronavirus in the world, alarm in Latin America: 105 thousand dead


(Teleborsa) – It is Latin America the new epicenter of the pandemic with numbers that, unfortunately, do not record any attenuation and the infected people who, in the last 24 hours, have reached an altitude 2279146 (+58,789). Almost 105 thousand the dead. In the Region, the Brazil unfortunately, he continues his lonely race as a leader, second in the world only to the United States, both for infections (1,228,114, +39,483) and for deaths (54,971, +1,141). Peru (268,602 and 8,761) and Chile (259,064 and 4,903) are immediately behind the South American giant. Seven countries follow with infections greater than 20,000: Mexico (202,951 and 25,060), Colombia (80,599 and 2,654), Ecuador (53,156 and 4,343), Argentina (52,457 and 1,150), Dominican Republic (29,141 and 698), Panama (28,030 and 537) ) and Bolivia (27,487 and 876).

The USA have set a new record of 37 thousand new cases in a day: a leap in the infections pushed by the numbers of Florida, Texas, California and Arizona.

In Italy, in the meantime, even if slightly, the curve of the contagions goes up while they worry the two outbreaks a Mondragone (in the province of Caserta) e Bologna. He intervened on the matter Rainier War, Deputy Director of the World Health Organization, commented during the Agorà program on Rai3 that “it is all widely expected. Both outbreaks were immediately identified and circumscribed, hence the system put in place holds. There are inevitable outbreaks around Italy and for Europe “.

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