Coronavirus in the world, 12 positive passengers by plane: Greece suspends flights from Qatar


A couple embraces each other on the beach in Malaga (Ansa)
Athens, June 2, 2020 – While a Wuhan you don’t register not even a case of positivity in the almost 10 million tests – almost all the population – carried out from 14 May to 1 June to reassure the community on the restart of schools, factories and activities, in Spain there are no deaths for Coronavirus for the second consecutive day. Instead, infections have started to increase again: 137 in the last 24 almost double the 71 of the day before. The total death toll since the start of the new coronavirus pandemic is 27,127 deaths and 239,932 infections.

Austria will reopen its borders with Italy. But not for all regions

Bulletin of June 2 in Italy


There Greece instead it suspended all flights to and from Qatar today after that 12 passengers on 91 of a Qatar Airways Doha-Athens flight tested coronavirus positive. The plane had landed yesterday in Athens. The stop will last at least until June 15th.

Great Britain

In Great Britain the data show that not only age and sex, but also ethnic origin have created an ‘absolutely disproportionate disparity’ between the victims: the infections and deaths are up to 4 times higher among men with Caribbean or African roots .

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