Coronavirus, in Rome waited disappointed: the lockdown ended, degradation returned


The curtain opens over the city day after day (almost) after Covid and gradually fade many expectations that the Romans had made during the cloister. Many believed that on returning we would find a restored urban scenario. It is true that the blockade of activities has also affected municipal employees but some sectors (essential services and maintenance) have been partially spared.

So here we are again dealing with the ramshackle sidewalks, with dry trees on the street and in parks, with broken benches in public gardens, with orange nets around areas where tall grass grew instead of construction sites, a sign that nobody has used a pickaxe in the meantime. Here it is the bins return to be overflowing with grunge. With still limited traffic, voil anyway car parks tolerated in double row. The noble Valle Giulia, surrounded by museums and academies, remains degraded as before and many fountains are without water. Those monumental of the two hemicycles in Piazza del Popolo instead of singing joyful notes are transformed into gigantic tears, sad drops in silent fall. The fountain in Piazza degli Eroi with those poor sketches looks like a fountain. We did not expect a beneficial intensive therapy for Rome, but something to cure it, yes. Instead, even the caresses seem to have been missing, speaking behind metaphor.

June 2, 2020 | 07:44


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