Coronavirus, in Rome today only three cases (12 in Lazio). In Latina four new positives


Infections in Rome are reduced. Today, June 25, 3 cases are registered, while there are no new patients from the outbreaks of San Raffaele Pisana and the Teresianum religious institute.

In Lazio there are 12 positive cases and two deaths. “These new cases in the provinces show that the virus is still in circulation and that there is absolutely no need to let your guard down. In the latter cases there is also a decrease in the age of the positives which also involves young peopleSaid Alessio D’Amato, Lazio Region Health Councilor.

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Four new cases come from Asl of Latina and concern 3 distinct links: two cases derive from a family link, one case is a woman who has returned from Brazil and international contact tracing procedures have been activated, the last asymptomatic case was identified thanks to the screening prior to the donation of the blood. In the Viterbo Local Health Authority, one case tested positive for the swab during pre-hospitalization. In the ASL Roma 5 there are 4 new cases connected to each other and an epidemiological investigation is underway.

Today – he added – after three months is the first day of COVID free at the Covid Center of Palidoro of the Bambino Gesù Children’s Hospital. Yesterday the last family was discharged. Since the beginning of the emergency, more than 60 minors and 30 parents have been hospitalized, against more than 4,000 suspects managed. The Center continues its activities and remains available as a regional pediatric hub for the coronavirus emergency. The healed are growing, who in the last 24h have been 17 reaching a total of 6,354 and are more than seven times the number of current positives».

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