Coronavirus in Rome, 13 thousand meal vouchers still to be delivered


This time the data are official: they are 13 thousand meal vouchers not delivered. Numbers that were found by Stefano Fassina, Left for Rome and founder of Roma Ventuno, through an access to the proceedings. The Capitol promptly replied with precise numbers through a letter: «Italian post received in total 41 thousand envelopes, of which 30 thousand envelopes have already been delivered to citizens. Therefore, 11 thousand envelopes to be collected are in stock at the post offices, for which Poste Italiane has already given notice for collection ».

Again: «The total envelopes turn out to be 68510. While those delivered are in number 55,500». Therefore, exactly 13 thousand and ten are missing from the appeal, and in the answer it is also known that at least 210 were double, while another 500 were returned for “delivery failure», Or because the recipient was not found or why transferred. “These data unfortunately confirm what we reported from the beginning”, explains Stefano Fassina, “was and remains necessary actively and operationally involve them voluntary associations social, rooted in the Municipalities, for the delivery of meal vouchers. Obviously if the administration had also used these channels, today we would have no more than 13,000 meal vouchers in stock and many desperate families and without alternatives. In the emergency it is necessary to take on political responsibilities that find adequate administrative procedures “.

June 7, 2020 | 11:33


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