Coronavirus, in Puglia only one new positive case and 3 victims. Lopalco: “Until the middle of the month I don’t dissolve prognosis”


A few days away from officially “covid-free” days, but still with new deaths. According to the data of the Region on coronavirus there are only one new positive in Puglia (in the province of Foggia) and 1,046 swabs made in the bulletin of June 3 (a ratio equal to 0.10%, but always comparing the new cases to the total swabs in which also includes the control ones which in the last few days have been about half).Total recoveries still rise, reaching 2,952 in total (+13 compared to yesterday). But there are also 3 other deaths (2 in the province of Foggia, 1 of Bari): the sum of the victims rises to 511. The currently positive (total cases less cured and deceased) thus fall to 1,036 compared to 1,051 yesterday. Total hospitalizations, always downhill, reach 141.

Numbers still falling, but to look at carefully. “Until mid-June I am not dissolving the prognosis on the effects of the first openings of Phase 2. – commented the coordinator for the epidemiological emergencies of the Puglia Region, Pier Luigi Lopalco, in Repubblica-Bari – I want to wait to see if it really has not happened If that is the case, I think we can face the holidays in peace with a minimum of precaution. Then we will prepare for autumn “.

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