Coronavirus in Puglia, a new positive case on 1986 tests: 0 deaths


A new positive case at Covid-19 out of 1896 tests carried out: this is the novelty of the daily bulletin issued by the Health Promotion Department of Puglia. The resultant person resides in the province of Taranto. No deaths were recorded.

Since the beginning of the emergency 170,284 tests have been carried out. 3,814 patients recovered. 173 cases are currently positive.

The total number of positive Covid cases in Puglia is 4,530 divided as follows:

1,491 in the province of Bari

380 in the Province of Bat

659 in the Province of Brindisi;

1,170 in the Province of Foggia;

520 in the Province of Lecce;

281 in the Province of Taranto;

29 attributed to residents outside the region.

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