Coronavirus, in mines in Silesia where 85% of Poles are infected


In Poland the most serious outbreak underground. In the coal mines. Where there was once a canary to signal the danger and where now no sentry has managed to locate the presence of the coronavirus in advance. For over two and a half months, at least half of the 300 or 400 daily cases of infection in Poland they just showed up in Silesia, the largest mining area in the country, which has become the last bastion of virus resistance, despite the fact that only 12% of Poles live there.

If it really emerged from a cave, it is not so strange that the Sars-CoV-2 has found its ideal habitat in the humid and dark tunnels, where men work nearby, sweat, share the same air for hours. IS whose activity, considered among the indispensable to the nation, could not be blocked indefinitely. Thus, for Warsaw, the containment budget, quite successful everywhere, is dramatically spoiled in the subsoil of the hills around Katowice, in southern Poland, where at the beginning of June over 85% of new daily infections were still concentrated: 202 cases out of 234 in twenty-four hours.

More than four thousand workers at the extraction wells tested positive tests and the government’s goal to complete a screening of the 14,000 miners employed in three fields. Withdrawals are not so much a problem as the state – from the beginning of the epidemic – on overload of the eleven local laboratories. From 7 May the samples were therefore sent for analysis in other Polish regions and the results were delayed, giving precious time to the virus to circulate. The relatively good news that apart from Silesia, we have no other outbreaks, according to Wojciech Andrusiewicz, spokesman for the Minister of Health. Is that, with around 230 confirmed victims so far in the region, the mortality rate is not higher than elsewhere, despite the fact that Silesia is the most densely populated voivodeship with almost 5 million inhabitants in just over 12 thousand square kilometers.

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