Coronavirus, in Lombardy over half of the new cases. “Virus affects the nervous system”


Milan, 27 June 2020 – Newly infected people in Lombardy fall slightly, where even half of the new infections were recorded yesterday compared to the rest of Italy. Yesterday they were 156 the new cases registered in the region out of the 259 recorded throughout Italy, for a total of 93,587 Covid patients since the beginning of the epidemic. On Thursday there were 170 new infections. Returning to the data of the last 24 hours, ideaths registered yesterday are 16, down from 22 on the previous day (16,624 since the beginning of the epidemic). Overall i swabs made exceed one million. They are still increasing the healed and the discharged: a total of 65,323 (62,773 healed and 2,550 discharged), +492 compared to Thursday. The decline continues in the intensive care, where there are 47 beds occupied, one less compared to the previous day. Inpatients in other wards shrink faster and reach 501, –121 in the last 24 hours.

“The virus affects the central nervous system”

The loss of taste and smell is one of the more particular symptomsdescribed since the beginning by many infected with coronavirus, also in Lombardy. For months, neurologists have been investigating the effects of Covid19 on the central nervous system, and their work is providing confirmation: a study published by the European Journal of Neurology reconstructs that out of more than 2,300 doctors surveyed in various countries, three quarters had Covid patients with neurological symptoms. This mapping, explains Alberto Priori, director of the San Paolo Neurological Clinic III and professor at the State University, “served to collect relevant information in a very short time” for those who were facing the pandemic, and “to demonstrate at European level that neurological symptoms are frequently found. The mechanisms responsible for neurological involvement are manifold “, warns the professor.

Exceeded one million tampons

they the million swabs processed in Lombardy exceeded one million since the beginning of the pandemic: with the 14,101 molecular tests loaded yesterday in the regional surveillance system, the swabs reach a 4,753 million, and the Lombards subjected to the diagnostic test for the search for coronavirus exceed 600,000 (600,985). 156 new positives were discovered yesterday, 51 following a serological test; and for 72 of them the viral load is “weak”. As many as 44 of the new cases were discovered in the Bergamo area, where antibody screening began in the low and medium Val Seriana mown by the virus, while in Milan there are 33 new positives, of which 10 in the city. 16 died yesterday, the toll rises to 16,624 Lombards during the pandemic.

Coronavirus, Fontana: “Decisive Lombard mayors role”

“The role of mayors and municipal administrations They were ‘Decisive’ to succeed contain the spread of Covid-19. On behalf of the Lombardy Region, I express my gratitude for the work done by the mayors and for what they will do in the coming months to contain, not only the possible outbreaks of a new viral wave, but also the negative economic repercussions deriving from the emergency period “. what he wrote on his Facebook page, the President of the Lombardy Region, Attilio Fontana, about the ordinary meeting of Anci Lombardia held today.

National seroprevalence survey: there is also Cologno

The Municipality of Cologno Monzese has been included among the local administrations where it will be carried out the Covid-19 national HIV prevalence survey, promoted by the Ministry of Health and Istat and carried out in collaboration with the Lombardy Region. The investigation is underway for evaluate the frequency in the population general response of antibodies, following SARS-CoV-2 virus infection. The staff of the Lombardy Red Cross is already contacting the citizens by telephone, to invite them to undergo the test, which takes place exclusively on a voluntary basis. However, it is not possible to apply spontaneously. It will come the confidentiality of the participants is guaranteed for the entire duration of the investigation: the data will be disclosed only in anonymous and aggregate form.

UniMi in the top ten for Covid research

The University of Milan – la Statale – is among the ten universities in the world that are contributing most to research on Covid19 according to Scopis, the scientific database of the Elsevier publishing house. There are two Italian universities in the top ten led by the American Harvard and, in second and third place, by the Chinese universities of Hauzhong and Wuhan. The Statale is in fifth place, in eighth there is La Sapienza in Rome. Against the coronavirus, observes the rector of the State University Elio Franzini, the university “brought into play” an “interdisciplinary effort” between “ward doctors and researchers in the laboratories” that “generated 233 projects currently underway”.

Appeal on serological tests

Diasorin and Policlinico San Matteo di Pavia Foundation they have officially filed the appeal to the Council of State to request the annulment of the sentence of June 8 with which the Lombardy Regional Administrative Court declared the agreement between the multinational and San Matteo for the supply of serological tests invalid. In conjunction with the appeal, the suspension of the measure of the Lombardy Regional Administrative Court, pending a judgment on the merits. With the appeal Diasorin and the Institute of hospitalization and scientific care of Pavia ask in essence the Council of State to overturn the sentence with which the Tar – which had accepted the appeal of the competing company of Lodi, Technogenetics – canceled the administrative documents formed by the San Matteo Foundation of Pavia and the consequent contract stipulated with the multinational based in Saluggia (Vercelli), for the testing of serological tests for the research of antibodies in the blood after an infection by Covid-19.

The numbers in the provinces

As for the territorial spread of the virus, the province of Bergamo with 44 new cases, it is the one that yesterday recorded the most new positives in the last 24 hours in Lombardy. In Milanese yesterday there were 33 new cases, 10 of which in Milan city. TO Brescia there are 27 new positive patients, in all the other provinces it is under ten. TO Como is Monza Brianza you are at 9; to Varese 8, a Sondrio 7, a Mantova 5, a Pavia, Lecco and Lodi 3. Closes Cremona with one case.

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