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Milan, June 2, 2020 – That’s 161,322 the serological tests carried out so far by the regional health service: Lombardy, which started its screening campaign on April 23, has exceeded the target quota of 150 thousand tests set for the national epidemiological investigation launched by the Ministry of Health and Istat in two thousand Italian municipalities . And one in 5 of the tested Lombards (20%) tested positive to coronavirus antibodies. The Region has so far focused on health care workers and people who had been at home in quarantine (for Covid-compatible symptoms or for being in close contact with a positive) but never had a tampon. Based on data that Il Giorno was able to consult, they discovered they had 32,968 antibodies among health workers and “civilians”.

The variability between the laboratories partly follows the geographical distribution of the virus drawn by swabs; for example, 50% of the samples analyzed at Asst Bergamo Est, 43% at Bergamo Ovest and 42% at Pope Giovanni XXIII, 37% in Valcamonica, 32% at Asst del Garda, 36% were positive in Crema and 31% in Cremona, compared to 10% positive tests at the Policlinico, 15% at the Niguarda and 19% at the Sacco in Milan. In general, around 4% of the public antibody test positives tested positive for the nose-pharyngeal swab for virus research. The Region, which has screening on healthcare workers is almost finished, has already indicated the categories with which it will continue its epidemiological investigation to understand how Covid has moved in Lombardy: shortly the antibody test, always voluntary, will be proposed to emergency-urgency operators and law enforcement , for which the Ats are defining a calendar with the prefectures.

As Il Giorno learns from health sources, swabs following a positive serological test (which are mandatory, such as quarantine and communication to the ATS, also for those who undergo payment) now represent a significant share of tests for virus research processed daily in Lombardy. The Region, with the double lever of strengthening public laboratories and “purpose contracts” with private ones that can offer for sale only 20% of their overproduction of molecular tests, aims to reach a capacity of 22 thousand buffers per day within this week and 23,500 by the next. 3,572 swabs were processed on Sunday and loaded into the regional surveillance system yesterday, just over a quarter of the 12,427 of the previous day; but the percentage of tampons that tested positive, 1.4%, slightly deviates from 1.7% on Sunday.

In Lombardy yesterday there were 50 new infected people, which brought the bill to 89,018 since the beginning of the emergency. Including 16,131 deaths: 19 died yesterday, compared with 33 the day before. And 157 the newly healed, certified by a double negative swab: 47,970 Lombards who got rid of the virus. Those still positive are 24,917: 21,665 at home (only 4,056 passed through the hospital), 3,085 hospitalized in the ward (46 less on Sundays) and 167 in intensive care (plus 12 other people awaiting diagnosis). No new infection occurred in the Lodigiano and Mantovano areas yesterday. There have been 18 in the province of Milan, including eight in Milan city.

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