Coronavirus in Lombardy, 237 new cases and 29 deaths. Admissions dropped below 3 thousand


Milan, 3 May 2020 – Today in Lombardy They had been found 237 new coronavirus positives and there have been 29 dead. In total, the number of cases since the beginning of the epidemic has risen to 89,442 and deaths to 16,172. Today 11,355 swabs were made (in total 777,477), the currently positive ones have dropped by 31 units to 20,224, while the recovered / discharged were 239 (53,046). The ratio between the number of swabs and positives is 2.1%, slightly down on Tuesday. Yesterday, with fewer swabs, there were 187 new positive cases, with 12 deaths. Covid patients continue to decline in intensive care or hospitalized. Today, intensive care has recorded a retreat of 35 units (total to 131), while hospitalizations drop below 3,000 to 2,995 (-26). Yesterday the ICU patients had dropped by one unit, while the inpatients had fallen by 64. The number of recovered patients increased: they were 53,046, +239 compared to yesterday.

Summary of data for June 3

Provincial data

Over the past 24 hours, the number of infected in the metropolitan area of Milan increased by 37 units to 23,176 while in the city of Milan alone the increase was 14 units to 9,822. Yesterday the increases were 45 and 12 units respectively but with a significantly lower number of swabs. As for the other provinces, the new positives increased by 77 to Bergamo, of 51 a Brescia, of 10 a Como, of 6 a Cremona, of 5 a Lecco, of 7 a Lodi, of 2 a Mantova, of 28 a Monza and Brianza, of 3 a Pavia, of 1 a Sondrio and 5 a Varese.

Provincial data for June 3

Fontana: good freedom of movement

“I’m very satisfied and I think that a different choice would not have made much sense, I am satisfied above all with the consideration that we too have entered the possibility of circulation, because i numbers are going well. This is the thing that reassures me most and that makes me say that we are now addressed towards the end of this problem. “ He said it the President of the Region, Attilio Fontana. “I believe that Italians should be told that life can start to be normal again, but it must also be said that those precautions they must be maintained – he added -. We cannot think that everything has returned as before, we have regained a part of our freedom but a little bit still not, like the mask, the social distance and the gatherings (WHAT CHANGES FROM 3 JUNE) “.

Borders open but only to the Swiss

From now, Wednesday 3 June, reopen i regional borders e also the Lombards, who until the last have feared to be excluded from the provision, will be able to move freely outside their region. It will not be a free one yet, but there is some more concession. However, they remainbans between Italy and Switzerland, and in particular between the provinces of Como and Varese with the Canton of Ticino or Sondrio with the Grisons. Or rather, they remain only one-way considering that if the lockdown coincided with the (almost) lockout of customs, the Belpaese reopens its doors from today but Switzerland does not.

Immune, she ran to the App that maps the infections

In twenty four hours the Immuni app has been installed on over half a million smartphones. “Citizens understood its importance and usefulness – she said satisfied the minister for innovation, Paola Pisano -. To date, we are the first major country in Europe and one of the first countries in the world to use similar technology to combat the virus. ”

The Codogno emergency room reopens

Meanwhile, the emergency room of Codogno hospital reopens tomorrow, closed since February 21st after the discovery of the ‘patient 1’. Subjected to double sanitization and rearranged with alternative routes for suspected Covid patients e and non-Covid patients, returns to the territory and at the same time represents a symbolic transition from the full emergency phase to that of the hoped for return to normal.

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