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ROME. In Lazio the war continues between Zingaretti and the private structures that want to carry out the swabs for Covid-19 against the opinion of the Region. The latter today, Thursday 25 June, launched its counter move to annul the sentence of the regional court which last June 17 had accepted the appeal of a large Roman medical center with “the annulment, subject to suspension of effectiveness, of the measures that restrict the carrying out of nasopharyngeal and oropharyngeal swabs for the diagnosis of the Sars-CoV-2 virus for private healthcare facilities “.

The announcement
The regional councilor for Health Alessio D’Amato had announced it even then: «We will be constituted in the Council of State – he said -. The management of epidemics is not a mechanism to remove money from citizens’ pockets and I remember that any swabs made outside the laboratories validated by Spallanzani and included in the regional network, as indicated by the Ministry of Health, do not have public health purposes » .

The appeal
Now the formal act. “The appeal to the Council of State has been filed by the Lazio Region to ask for the reform or annulment of the Lazio Tar order on the issue of swabs carried out by private structures – Pisana said -. The error in which the order under appeal falls is to confuse a public health issue with a limitation on free competition. The Covid test is not an ordinary diagnostic test, but it is a test that, in case of positivity, has important implications on the sphere of individual freedoms, on circulation and movement. As well as on health as an interest of the community, even, in the event of outbreaks, on the determination of the so-called red areas ».

The obligation to notify

“If a citizen is positive to Covid, limitations on his personal freedom (quarantine) and epidemiological investigations on the contacts he has had in order to limit the spread of the virus are triggered – the note continues -. Not only that, but there is also an obligation to notify the Ministry of Health and the Higher Institute of Health and these are exclusively public health prerogatives “.

The diagnosis
The use of private structures according to the Region would not be necessary because «from the monitoring conducted by the Ministry of Health today in Lazio there is an average time between the start date of symptoms and the date of diagnosis (buffer) equal to 48h. Therefore there is technically no need to turn to private laboratories to perform these tests which are carried out free of charge by the regional health service network ».

In conclusion, the hope that “the Council of State would like to accept the request of the Lazio Region in order not to compromise the coordinated management of the health emergency”.

Excellent contact tracing
In the evening comes the note of the commissioner D’Amato confirming “the excellent contract tracing in Lazio».

«In the new table issued by the Ministry of Health, Lazio shows that 25% of the total cases (one case out of four) derive from an identification of the positivity from screening activities. Out of 8,051 total cases, 2,082 are related to screening, while the remaining 5,969 cases from suspected diagnosis – D’Amato communicates -. This proportion of 25% is among the highest at a national level, demonstrating a spasmodic attention to the tracking and contact tracing activities performed by our operators. The model of the ‘Three T’s’ testing, tracing and treating using the two levers of serological tests and subsequently of the swabs, is demonstrating the ability to find the asymptomatic positives which is the real challenge at this stage to avoid the recovery of the virus “.

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