Coronavirus in Italy, the June 24 bulletin: 239,410 positive cases and 34,644 deaths


In Italy, since the beginning of the coronavirus epidemic, at least 239,410 people have contracted the Sars-CoV-2 virus (+190 compared to yesterday; yesterday +113). Of these, 34,644 died (+30) and 186,111 were discharged (+1526). Currently the positive subjects of which there is certainty are 18,655 (the bill rises to 239,410 – as mentioned above – if in the calculation there are also the dead and the cured, thus counting all the people who have been found positive to the virus since the beginning of the epidemic).

There are 1,610 patients hospitalized with symptoms (-243), of which 107 in intensive care (-8).

The data are strongly different from those of recent days: the Autonomous Province of Trento has in fact carried out a massive recalculation, with 61 deaths less than previously communicated, 447 recovered more and a total of cases increased by 387 units compared to what previously communicated.

Here you will find a guide to reading the bulletin, with the explanation of the various items. This is the map of contagion in Italy. Here the newsletters of the past few days. Here is a portrait of the victims of Covid-19, released by the Higher Institute of Sanit.

The data region by region

The data provided below, and divided by Region, that of total cases (number of people found positive since the beginning of the epidemic: includes dead and recovered). In the photo above visible that of the currently positive subjects. The change indicates the number of new cases registered in the last 24 hours. Where the percentage of increase is not indicated, the figure is less than 0.1%.

Lombardy 93,261 (+88, + 0.1%; yesterday +62)
Emilia-Romagna 28304 (+44, + 0.2%; yesterday +17)
Veneto 19,253 (+3, yesterday +3)
Piedmont 31,276 (+22, + 0.1%; yesterday +6)
Marche 6.779 (+4, + 0.1%; yesterday +1)
Liguria 9,940 (+1; yesterday +4)
Campania 4,645 (+11, + 0.2%; yesterday +10)
Tuscany 10,222 (+5; yesterday +6)
Sicily 3.074 (+1, yesterday +1)
Lazio 8.039 (+6, + 0.1%; yesterday +8)
Friuli-Venezia Giulia 3,305 (no new cases for the third consecutive day)
Abruzzo 3,283 (+1, no new cases yesterday)
Puglia 4,529 (no new cases; yesterday +2)
Umbria 1.439 (+1, no new cases yesterday)
Bolzano 2,634 (+1; no new cases yesterday)
Calabria 1,175 (no new cases; yesterday +1)
Sardinia 1,361 (+1, no new cases yesterday)
Aosta Valley 1,194 (+1, no new cases yesterday)
Trento 4,852 (no new cases; yesterday +1)
Molise 444 (no new cases)
Basilicata 401 (no new cases for the thirteenth day in a row)

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