Coronavirus: in Italy 84% bookstores in difficulty – Chronicle


After the health emergency, over 90% of Italian bookstores reported a worsening of the economic trend of their business due to the outbreak of the pandemic and over 84% are in difficulty in being able to meet their financial needs such as paying its employees, provide bills and rents, bear tax and social security contributions. The alarm was raised by the first Ali Confcommercio Observatory on bookstores in Italy presented today and which investigates a sector with 3,670 businesses and over 11,000 employees.

The hardest moments of the post Covid crisis for Italian bookstores, reads the report of the 1 / o Ali Confcommercio Observatory, are close to the summer: over 70% of bookstores said they have adopted layoffs and 60% of companies has reduced or plans to reduce their staff, with a drop already recorded between December 2019 and April 2020 of -6.6% and a forecast for July 2020 of -18%. “If they do not receive non-repayable credit – complains L’Osservatorio – many exercises and many jobs will be at risk”. Positive note, despite the critical issues, during the health emergency, some bookstores resorted to digital evolution: 27% started using or intensified the use of electronic commerce and 86.1% of these believe that solutions adopted during the pandemic could become permanent.


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