Coronavirus, in Holland 10 thousand minks killed after cases of suspected transmission of the infection to humans


The decision is taken: Holland will bring down about 10 thousand fur minks after two possible cases of transmission of the Sars-CoC-2 virus from animals to humans have been identified. At the end of last week, intensive herds have already started killing: cases of infection among animals have been found in 10 farms in the country, according to the Dutch Food & Wares authority. “All mink farms in which there is an infection will be eliminated and farms in which there are no infections will not be,” explained the agency spokeswoman.
The animal rights activists had tried to stop the killing, but the green light came after the Amsterdam court blocked the appeal filed by the associations. The first cases of coronaviruses on farms were identified in April, in May the government reported two cases of transmission from animals to humans, the first outside of China. Minks, even puppies, will be killed with gas, disposed of bodies and sanitized companies. Animal welfare associations fighting against fur production and trade are calling for the closure of production plants: “We ask the 24 countries around the world that still allow mink farming to evaluate the situation and the evidence from countries very quickly Netherlands, ”said Claire Bass, director of the UK’s Humane Society International.

According to the organization, China, Denmark and Poland are the largest mink producers, every year 60 million visions are cut for fur. In Holland, according to data the Dutch Federation of Pelt Farmers reported by Reuters, there are 140 mink farms that export 90 million euros of fur per year.

In Italy, Massimo Comparotto, president of the OIPA, international animal protection organization, spoke on the matter: “We appeal to the Italian Government to decide the closure of all fur farms in Italy, unfortunately still active in Lombardy, Veneto, Emilia Romagna and Abruzzo, providing for the recovery and rehabilitation of animals, “he said. “In these factories, the animals live mostly in poor hygiene conditions and the stress they suffer from birth to killing is very high, forced as they are to suffer a narrow captivity in hell scenarios.”

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