Coronavirus, in Germany the R0 index jumps to 2.88: originally the slaughterhouse-outbreak in North Rhine Westphalia


There Germany, the country that managed the pandemic in Europe in the most effective world, it is facing a new health crisis. It is located in the slaughterhouse of the Tonnies to Guetersloh, in North Rhine Westphalia, Land for which the governor Armin Laschet in recent days he had speculated on a new red zone. At the moment the decision is suspended, but what is certain is that the index R0 – the “basic reproduction number”, that is the average number of infections secondary – jumped from 1.79 to 2.88. A figure that is based on an average of four days. Already on May 10, the contagion index had risen to 1.1: a worrying value for Angel Merkel, who has always called for caution i Lander, asking not to accelerate on the easing of restrictions. And now the leap in the index marks a significant increase in contagions and the fear is that of a second wave of the pandemic.

The outbreak in the slaughterhouse of the Tonnies – Meanwhile the i continue to increase positive among the slaughterhouse employees of Guetersloh, with another 300 cases of contagion from COVID-19, bringing the total number of infections to 1,331 out of a total of 6,139 workers. Laschet, after visiting the slaughterhouse has for the moment excluded a new one lockdown at the regional level, but even if there is a “huge pandemic risk”, the infection is clearly localized within the slaughterhouse and there is no “significant jump” in the rest of the population, he said Laschet. All the employees of the slaughterhouse were placed in quarantine, but the measure it may not be enough, because in the meantime the thousands of workers could in turn have infected family and friends, who in turn could have spread the virus. The discovery of the outbreak sparked a wave of protests against the owner of the plant, Clemens Toennies, whose resignation is requested. In the meantime, the federal health authorities they updated the number of infections and deaths in the country, respectively 189,822 and over 8,880.

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