Coronavirus, “in Egypt the pandemic is a domino out of control. Health system drifting”


“The pandemic situation in Egypt it is dramatic: either we reverse the route or they await us times very hard“. Mona Mina (photo below), former secretary general of the union of Egyptian doctors – in reality “ex” only from a nominal point of view – it goes straight to the point and on the emergency Coronavirus in the North African country has clear ideas. We have been talking about the reference figure, for years, of the health Egyptian, always indigestible in power for his uncompromising positions in favor of maintaining the best standard of possible public service: “The situation of the hospitals public it was critical before the pandemic emergency, with the medical and health personnel abandoned to themselves and with a fallout on the quality of the care provided – attacks the union leader -. In Egypt more and more people can afford care expensive and effective, this at the expense of majority of citizens forced to hope not to get sick. Many structures are dilapidated, are missing instrumentation, the quality standards are low, the staff doctor preach in the dark and many are forced to painful choice to leave the work and try your luck abroad, in others Arab countries. With the explosion of the crisis from COVID-19 things have gotten worse and the system is drifting away. Or let’s get on lifeboats or we risk ending up swallowed by a deluge of epic proportions “.

The weather in Egypt at the time of Coronavirus rather than stopping he seems to have decided to go back. At the end of February in the airports of the country i passenger on arrival were subjected to controls accurate, between termoscanner is investigations and the first measures of lockdown had already been hired. The containment of contagions seemed under control, given supported by objective results: the new positives were a few dozen a day, the victims every day they were counted on the fingers of one hand and in general the virus did not seem able to do too many damage.

In April things changed, there was reversal trend and numbers have started to rise, reaching around 300-350 cases per day. The government, in particular the Ministry of Health, has taken some measures of restraint in some ways absurd, such as closing the university but don’t adjust i transport, huge vehicle for the diffusion of infection. The forward shot of the pandemic curve occurred in the Islamic holiday month of Ramadan, ended Sunday 24 May. Today we travel on numbers five faces higher than a month ago: the daily infections are about 1,500 and by tomorrow the threshold of 30 thousand will be exceeded, while the confirmed and official deaths from Covid are more than a thousand. Nothing compared to the numbers of Italy, but in Egypt the unofficial part of the infection is totally unknown and especially the official one has a worrying surge.

Mona Mina has a clear point of view: “The biggest mistake made by the government was to subject all healthcare workers to rapid tests after they worked for two weeks in solitary confinement areas Covid of hospitals. The scientific reliability of the ‘Quick tests’ is silly, doing so i health they got infected, they infected others patients, families at home, all in a domino that now seems out of control. It had to be done analysis virological series, submit i health to swabs, but there weren’t reagents, or serological tests, it was preferred to choose different paths. The plan pandemic it was wrong from the start of the 320 hospitals chosen to host areas Covid everything was mixed together in the absence of a security protocol, unique guidelines, leaving doctors is health alone, abandoned with you masks surgical, but without the necessary protective devices. in care centers the planned activities went on, however, emergencies had to be guaranteed and the COVID-19. We needed one leadership to govern all this and instead everyone has decided for himself. I slipped to repeat certain concepts, trying to make clear the outlines of an announced catastrophe, without succeeding “. For Mina, then, “another important mistake was not creating paths specific for suspicious cases (the so-called ‘gray’, ed.), strong basin of infection. In most hospitals there is confusion, fear, many doctors protested after colleagues died. Just the other day the last three who fought against died Coronavirus: Mosira Mahfouz Qudsi, Ishaq Awad Attia e Samir el-Ghandour. The list goes on day after day. ”

What he would have done on a health level if he had been head of decision-making Mona Mina he explained it. Herself, in a kind of Decalogue presented to the nation and on social media, lists its options also under the social profile: “Further reducing the forms of protection would be the end, the catastrophe, the country would be brought to its knees both from a health and an economic point of view. At the entrepreneurs, especially those of tourism, I say: better to close now and respect the rules for a short period of time rather than reopening everything without controls and then find yourself in a nightmare with no return. In this sense I believe it is necessary to keep only i open services essential, I think about pharmacies is shops for the goods of first necessity, and close the rest for a while. If possible locate places where to put people in isolation: the hotel in fact, the university sites and if it is not enough to activate rapid reception structures in the parks, in the stadiums or in the private clubs“.

More than than pandemic and of collective risks, on the Egyptian media the name of Mona Mina during this period he was joined to the cause of the Muslim Brotherhood, the real nightmare for the Abdel Fattah al-Sisi. Sufficient by the leader of the Egyptian doctors to criticize the system for being accused of belonging to the group: “The discussion on average and social has been stupid, often trivial, touching the lowest level – comments Mona Mina -. I continue to ignore, some people do not deserve answers, and instead think about the serious problem that Egypt is running. Strange, but those who raise these voices forget the hate campaigns that precisely i Muslim brothers they activated against me in unsuspected times ”. And he means those straddling the street revolution Tahrir in January 2011 and the al-Sisi coup against former President Morsi in July 2013.

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