Coronavirus in Campania, a victim in 24 hours but 35 recovered


A coronavirus-related death was reported in Campania yesterday, Friday 5 June. The total number of deaths in Campania since the beginning of the emergency thus rises to 426.

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3,658 healed (+35 compared to Thursday 4 June), of which 3,626 totally healed (+36) and 32 clinically healed (-1). This is the distribution by province of the 4,822 cases registered in Campania since the emergency began (no new cases yesterday): in the province of Naples 2,625 (of which 1,003 in Naples city and 1,623 in the rest of the province); in the province of Salerno 687; in the province of Avellino 547; in the province of Caserta 463; in the province of Benevento 209. 290 other cases are still under investigation.

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