Coronavirus, in Campania 5 victims and 51 recovered in 24 hours


Five victims and 51 recovered from coronavirus yesterday in Campania, on the same day that for the first time recorded zero new positives: thus the data of the Crisis Unit, updated at midnight last. The total number of positives is 4,822 out of 212,486 swabs, that of the deceased rises to 425 and that of the healed to 3,623. Here is the division by province of the infections. Naples: 2,625 (of which 1,003 in the capital and 1,622 in the hinterland); Salerno: 687; Avellino: 547; Caserta: 462; Benevento: 209. Others under verification Asl: 292.

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The point at 23.59 yesterday:
Positive Total: 4,822
Swabs Total: 212,486

Total deceased: 425
Total healed: 3,623 (of which 3,590 totally healed and 33 clinically healed. Patients who, after presenting clinical manifestations associated with the virologically documented infection by SARS-CoV-2, become asymptomatic by resolution of the clinical symptomatology presented are considered clinically healed they are still waiting for the two consecutive pads that prove their complete recovery).

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Allotment by province:

Province of Naples: 2,625 (of which 1,003 Naples City and 1,622 Naples province)
Province of Salerno: 687
Province of Avellino: 547
Province of Caserta: 462
Province of Benevento: 209
Others under verification Asl: 292

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