Coronavirus, in Calcinate the laboratory capable of processing 2500 swabs per day


Bergamo, June 27 2020 – Has been inaugurated today, Saturday 27 June, a Calcinate the laboratory capable of processing a buffer every 28 seconds, over 2,500 per day. It is a pilot project for the testing of innovative technologies and organizational methods capable of revolutionizing the operational processes of laboratory structures made possible thanks to the Rotary District 2042, making use of the competence and collaboration of theASST Bergamo East, with Porsche Consulting and Multiply Labs (a start up based in the USA, but created by young people from Bergamo) and in agreement with the ATS of Bergamo. The 250 thousand Euros donated to ASST Bergamo Est and collected through the project financed by the District, to which several entrepreneurs from the area have joined, allowed the purchase of machinery, highly advanced kits and reagents installed in the laboratory of about 300 square meters. in Territorial Hospital of Calcinate (BG).

The experimentation has started and the assembly of the robotizations, as well as the field tests, are now finished. The 15 machine line has already started processing swabs and is able to process one tampon every 28 seconds, for a total of 2500 tampons per day. Highly sophisticated technologies with innovative digitization processes are supported by a team of about 12 people including managers and technicians, a group of volunteers and a remote assistance service for IT and biomechanical issues. A few weeks ago he joined the insiders too Yumi, collaborative robot created by ABB Robotics, arrived to assist laboratory technicians in some critical process operations, ensuring reliability and safety.

“With this action, can allow an increase in the ability to process tampons by the entire regional health system – said the governor Giuseppe Navarini of Rotary District 2042 – we all managed to do it together evolve laboratory medicine from the current setting, in terms of high-quality work on a small scale, towards an industrial model which, while maintaining quality standards of absolute excellence, can however increase exponentially the quantity of services that can be supplied, while at the same time drastically reducing costs, so as to guarantee sustainability by the national health system. This is a revolutionary initiative, currently available to the province of Bergamo, whose model will then be made available free of charge to the entire Italian national health system and that of the other European countries concerned. “

“We have developed a unprecedented concept of analysis laboratory which is based on principles of modularity and high flexibility – he continued Josef Nierling, CEO of Porsche Consulting -. We have combined the advantages of the open system, which allows to use generic reagents, with the prerogative of the more expensive closed systems, that is, the ability to safely analyze large quantities. All this has been possible by designing innovative processes that have enhanced robotic and digital technologies “.

“I am especially grateful to Rotary for supporting such an innovative project,” he added Francesco Locati, general manager of ASST Bergamo Est. “All these operations – always explained Locati – took place over these two months, strongly engaging our laboratory medicine, the technical office, the human resources sector, the information systems, whom I thank for the work they have done and will do. I also want to thank theSports Academy for Solidarity who also provided an ad hoc donation for this project. It is clear that with this processing and analysis capacity we will be able to promptly guarantee the growing need for virological tests that fall within the criteria and programs of health surveillance at this point for the benefit of the whole province “.

“The Calcinate laboratory is a fundamental point of arrival for public health in terms of coronavirus but also a starting point: it brings the territorial health system to process up to 2,500 tampons per day, makes the province of Bergamo independent of this crucial activity in the fight against Covid-19 and, looking at autumn, puts us in the conditions to better face a possible second wave, “he said Massimo Giupponi, general manager of Ats Bergamo.

“Bergamo and many of its countries have become in recent months the symbol of the epidemic. From today Calcinate becomes the symbol of how the brain, heart, skills and economic resources, united in an intelligent way, can create a miracle even in such a difficult moment “he concludes Gianfranco Gafforelli, mayor of Calcinate and president of the Province of Bergamo.

Various authorities participated in the inauguration: from the Councilor for Infrastructure, Transport and Sustainable Mobility of the Lombardy Region Claudia Terzi to regional councilors Giovanni Malanchini is Roberto Anelli ; by the mayor of Bergamo Giorgio Gori to the deputies Maurizio Martina is Daniele Belotti up to the senator Simona Pergreffi.

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