Coronavirus Germany: in Berlin in 3 thousand at the party, in Gottingen new infections


It was enough two family parties and the post party excursion some groups of guests in a shisha bar, for ignite an outbreak of infection which the German authorities are now struggling to contain. It happened more than a week ago in Göttingen, the famous university city in Lower Saxony, where 36 people tested positive for Covid-19 (one is in a very serious condition) and 310 were placed in quarantine for being in close contact with them.

However, the number of people at risk is much higher and therefore continues the “tracking” work of the health authorities the district to reach and isolate all those who participated in the two parties or who entered the room where the hookah is smoked. If they do not respond to the appeal to volunteer, they will receive a written order to take the test and eventually be fined.

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According to the district’s head of social affairs, Petra Broistedt, the infections occurred first in the two very crowded family meetings and then in the club, where many of the younger participants decided to continue the evening. No one would have respected the safety distances both at home and in the bar. The bar was open in violation of the pandemic regulations and was therefore closed until further notice. The owner risks a big fine.

The outbreak of Göttingen for now it does not slow down the plan for the reopening of the government of Lower Saxony, which is one of the German Laenders further in the return to normal.

Concerns about excesses, irresponsibility and violations of safety regulations at this stage, however, also emerge in the German capital. Were more than three thousand Sundays, all without masks, the participants in a self-styled protest demonstration, which in Germany are immediately authorized in the name of the right of demonstration, but which in reality was the excuse for a mega party on the water. In front of the spectacle of thousands of people piled up on a boat or on the banks of the Landwehrkanal, a artificial canal in the heart of Berlin, the police asked the organizers to end the event. The latter said they were surprised by the presence of many people to what, according to their intentions, wanted to be a demonstration of solidarity with the Berlin clubs, forced to remain closed even in this reopening phase.

Now the so-called Clubcommission, which brings together all 245 clubs and party or concert facilities in Berlin, has launched a appeal on social media to everyone who was at the event on Sunday to limit their social contacts to a minimum in the next 14 days. However, the commission defended the organizers’ “good intentions”.

«I understand their reasons and the economic difficulties facing the clubs – was the comment of the Social Democratic senator of the Land for Health, Dilek Kalayci – but what happened on Sunday is irresponsible. Holidays and pandemics don’t get along». It is a fact that at the beginning of the epidemic, the two main hot spots of the infection had been two famous night clubs, Trompete and Kater Blau. Meanwhile, Berlin is one of the few German cities where the contagion rate, i.e. the number of people that each Covid-19 infected patient on average, still remains above 1, in fact it is growing: in the last few days the R0 is soared to 1.66.

June 2, 2020 (change June 2, 2020 | 4:46 pm)


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