Coronavirus, Germany: 2 outbreaks, 7,000 in quarantine. Beijing: “New Wuhan risked”


Rome, 18 June 2020 – It is always there China the main observed special of the emergency Coronvirus in the world. After that yesterday Beijing has been armored for the new outbreak, there are other positive cases today but the Chinese authorities assure that the outbreak has been “brought under control”. In Honduras the president, who had a positive result, was hospitalized. While the Argentine President Alberto Fernandez he has been in self-isolation since yesterday as a precaution in his residence in Quinta de Olivos. Casa Rosada announced this in a statement.

Bad news comes fromIndia where the daily record of infections is recorded. Overall, Coronavirus infections in the world reached 8,349,950 cases, with 448,959 deaths globally. This is what Johns Hopkins University notes. The American president Trump announces: “We are close to a vaccine”. While the Peru with 240,908 confirmed cases it surpasses Italy.



China has 28 new cases of contagion, including 21 a Beijing, where a new outbreak of infection developed in the city’s main wholesale market. Three more cases of contagion
were recorded near Beijing (two in the neighboring province of Hebei, and one in Tianjin), while four cases of contagion came from abroad. With the last 21 infections, down from 31 registered yesterday, 158 infections have been in the Chinese capital since last Thursday, when the first confirmed case of infection occurred after almost two months of zero infection. In total, from the beginning
of the epidemic, 82,293 cases of infection have been confirmed in China, while the number of deaths remains unchanged at 4,634. Meanwhile, the outbreak that emerged in Beijing “has been brought under control“: Wu Zunyou, the head epidemiologist of the Center for Disease Control and Prevention (Cdc), explained that a high number of infections were found among sellers of seafood, beef and mutton. The peak was touched around June 13 and now the infection “is under control”. This is not to say that there will be no new cases tomorrow. The curve will continue for another time, but “the number of cases will be lower and lower”. Wu Zunyou also admitted: “If Beijing had not immediately taken the measures taken, what happened in Wuhan could have happened again”.

Bruce Springsteen

Bruce Springsteen the attack by Donald Trump for the response to the coronavirus. “Put on a fucking mask,” the Boss said during the last episode of his SiriusXM radio show, “From my home to yours”, launched during the pandemic. “With over 100,000 deaths in the past few months and our leaders’ empty and shameful response, I’m just pissed,” explained the New Jersey rocker. “With all due respect, sir, show some consideration and attention to your citizens and your country. Wear that mask.” Springsteen then presented Bob Dylan’s song “Disease of Conceit”. Trump never wore the mask in public.


The dead in the United States in the last 24 there were 840. This is what emerges from the data of Johns Hopkins University, which speaks of 2.16 million total cases and 117,694 deaths.


There have been 657 positive cases recorded since the beginning of the week among the employees of a slaughterhouse in the German city of Dortmund. The health authorities of the municipality of Guetersloh have quarantined about 7 thousand people in advance, including all the workers of the plant, which temporarily suspended processing, while all the schools and recreational centers in the area have been closed. Meanwhile, there are another 100 cases of contagion in Göttingen, the university city of German Lower Saxony, in which a large outbreak of the infection had occurred in recent days, which exploded after the sugar festival, celebrated by some Muslim families at the end of Ramadan . Currently, 700 people in the affected housing complex are undergoing quarantine, the local government has reported.


There Russia has recorded 7,790 more coronavirus cases in the past 24 hours, the lowest figure in six weeks, which has brought the total number of infections in the Federation to 561,091. According to the authorities, 182 other patients died, with an overall balance of decades for Covid. 19 to 7,660. 489 health workers died as a result of the pandemic.

Great Britain

The positive cases exceeded 300,000 in the UK. According to Johns Hopkins University data, they rose to 300,717 while the death toll worsened to 43,238. According to British Foreign Minister Dominic Raab, Russia, China and Iran are attempting to exploit the coronavirus pandemic for their global interests.


L‘India has recorded 12,881 more cases in the past 24 hours, the largest daily increase since the outbreak. In total, 366,946 have so far tested positive with 12,237 deaths (+334).


The president of Honduras was hospitalized, Juan Orlando Hernandez, who on Tuesday, together with his wife, had tested positive for coronavirus. The Central American country registered 6,327 Covid-19 cases from March to 7 June; in the following ten days they increased by 3,329, a surge that came after a gradual reopening of economic activities.

Latin America

It is still the Brazil to lead the spiral (955,377 infections – over 32 thousand in the last 24 hours – and 46,510 deaths), for now unstoppable, of the coronavirus pandemic in Latin America, a region in which in the last 24 hours the toll has increased to 1,826,090 cases, while the deaths have stabilized at 86,252.

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